SCAG Tiger CAT 2 Review: A Zero Turn Lawn Mower

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Every homeowner with a lawn would want a powerful mower to keep their property neat. Who would want to possess weak and short-durability mowers, right?

To aid you in keeping your lawn clean, we have a machine that can be your best friend when it comes to quick and clean processes.

We present the Scag Tiger Cat 2 mower to you: not only is this mower robust, but it is also durable and can handle numerous acres per day to deal with. 

To know more about this mower, I propose you keep reading this guide to supplement your knowledge about it!

SCAG Tiger Cat 2 Review

The Scag Tiger Cat 2 is a mid-sized zero-turn riding mower that works at its most potent will to clean your lawn with the most efficient method.

This mower is highly maneuverable and durable and can help you save time cleaning your lawn to attain the fastest cutting method with the best cut quality for your yard.

Since this great mower is a riding mower, you get the chance to sit down on the mower while it is doing its job.

You get to manipulate where the mower will go without you needing to walk around your yard while using a lawnmower.

You need not worry about how this mower works. Indeed, the physical aspect of the mower looks exceptionally complicated to deal with, but once you understand how its functions work, you will be at ease while using it.

This mower comes in different sizes: 48-inch, 52-inch, and 61-inch Velocity Plus Cutter Decks.

There is still a lot to talk about this mower. One thing’s sure: it is a powerful mower that can be your best friend in cleaning your property.

Features of SCAG Tiger Cat 2

We mentioned in the quick review that the mower still has a lot more in stock. Now you know the mower’s most general yet precise action, it is time to talk about its features.

Comfortable Seat

Even when the mowers are of different sizes, they have a torsion-spring suspension seat that adjusts according to your weight for superior comfort.

Complete padding, forward/rearward adjustment, high back, adjustable armrests, and adjustable back angle are all features of this seat.

Tiger Eye Advanced Monitoring System

As tough as it sounds, this mower has the eye of the tiger, allowing users to keep a consistent, real-time “eye” on the mower’s distinct functions and uses.

However, the distinct functions vary by the mower engine and model.

Heavy-Duty Use

This riding mower is heavy-duty. Thus, it indeed is very far away from breaking down the yard while you are riding it.

The foundation of this lawnmower is very much solid that can offer you years of service to clean your yard.

Foot-operated Parking Brakes

Since you are riding and controlling this mower, it is crucial to have dependable brakes.

Just like a car, this mower has a foot-operated brake that keeps you safe while riding because you do not need to remove your hands from the steering controls to touch the brake.

12-cc Pumps

You don’t expect this mower to become weak, and you should never wish for this mower to be inefficient on the field.

This Tiger Cat 2 driving system features 12-cc pumps and high torque, which ensures reliable power during usage, together with its cast-iron wheel motor.

Air Filtration System

The air filtration system keeps your mower away from clogging, and it benefits the mower to have a maximum life span.

This system ensures clean engine air that provides for the mower, and this way, it contributes to the ultimate power and longevity of the mower. 

9.5 Gallon Fuel Capacity

It would be cruel if this mower had a small fuel capacity, right? Luckily, it has a 9.5-gallon capacity for fuel, which lets you stay fueled up while rolling on the ground, even when it takes hours to cut the grass.

The tank also has a large neck, allowing quick refueling for the mower.

Molded-in Cup Holder

This part may not be an essential feature of the mower, but this molded-in cup holder provides you with a convenient and dependable space for your beverage of choice.

You can drink and stay hydrated while operating the mower, so long as you place it in the molded-in cup holder.

12 MPH Forward Speed and 5 MPH Reverse Speed

The speed this mower can handle is just enough to save you a lot of time in cleaning your lawn while rolling on the ground, manipulating the direction where the mower should go.

SCAG Tiger Lawn Mower

Pros and Cons of SCAG Tiger Cat 2

Now you know about the features of a Scag Tiger Cat 2 mower, you may want to know its strengths and weaknesses.

Here are the pros and cons to furnish your knowledge about this superb machine.


  • It is easy to maneuver. Yes, it may be complicated to look at, but moving and manipulating the steering controls are a lot easier than you think. This benefits people that don’t have the confidence to operate a lawn mower because it won’t give you a hard time moving around.
  • This mower can handle more than 24 acres of land to clean per day. By this matter, we can prove that it is highly durable and effective in cleaning large yards, and it makes your job a lot easier than usual.
  • You don’t need to walk around while operating a mower. You only have to ride this mower and manipulate steering controls, and you are already good to go because this mower’s wheels will be your feet while tidying up your lawn.
  • This mower possesses reliable forward and reverses ground speed. You don’t have to be scared about a fast pace while rolling on the ground because the 12 mph forward speed and 5 mph reverse ground speed are just enough to make your mower move around the open space.
  • Each size has a different weight, but the weight runs around 1000 lbs to 1200 lbs, depending on the features the mower has.
  • When it comes to operation, this machine is user-friendly. It will only take you less time to learn about its control, and you can already get ahold of how this mower works.
  • Since this machine is user-friendly, it provides easy access to every part of the mower. Thus, it contributes to easy maintenance.


  • Since this machine provides you with a lot of convenience and comfort, it is costly to purchase. You need to decide whether you want to make this purchase to ensure you won’t regret buying this mower.

Who Should Buy It?

Undoubtedly, anyone who wants to have a Scag Tiger Cat 2 can buy this mower.

But it all depends on your lawn size. If you have a small-sized lawn, it is unnecessary to purchase this powerful mower for your lawn that a regular mower can utilize.

But of course, if you have the will to buy it, you can go for it so long as you won’t lament investing in this mower.

People with large acres of land should purchase this mower. A regular push mower will take you from a single day up to several days to finish cutting your grass evenly.

With this mower, your work can be done cleanly and efficiently by riding along with the mower.

This mower runs fast in cutting your grass, and your acres of land deserve to have a powerful mower to trim the grass evenly and smoothly.

SCAG Tiger CAT 2 Review

Final Words

Obviously, the Scag Tiger Cat 2 is a condensed zero-turn riding mower that is sturdy and highly durable.

Anyone can use this mower to clean their yards quickly while having excellent cuts simultaneously.

This mower is not just a regular mower; it has easy access to all parts of it, and one can manipulate the machine easily while totally controlling the mower.

This mower can provide you comfort while doing your mowing job on your lawn.

You need not hesitate to clean your property because you will definitely have a productive and enjoyable day after finishing strolling around your yard while riding this mower.