5 Best Lawn Mowers Under $300: Electric & Gas Options

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If your budget is $300, then good news for you.

There are many good lawn mowers available for under $300. You can find electric (corded or cordless), push, and self-propelled mowers.

Let’s compare the top 3 mowers that cost less than $300.

Comparison of Top 3 Mowers Under $300

Best 16″ Electric Mower

Greenworks Cordless Electric Mower

Battery Powered

16 Inches cutting width

5 height adjustments

2-in-1 feature

Charging time 120 minutes

PERSONAL TAKE: I like this electric mower because it’s quieter than gas mowers with a cutting width of 16 inches. It’s perfect for small to medium yards. So, if you want a cordless electric mower, then this is the best choice you have for under $300.

Best 21″ Gas Mower

PowerSmart Push Lawn Mower

Gasoline Powered

21 inches cutting width

5 height adjustments

3-in-1 cutting deck

209cc engine

PERSONAL TAKE: I recommend this mower because it comes with a 21-inch cutting blade, and a 3-in-1 cutting deck (side discharge, mulching, and rear bag). If you’re okay with gas mowers, then you should buy this mower.

Best 14″ Electric Mower

WORX Cordless Lawn Mower

Battery Powered

14 inches cutting width

6 height adjustments

2-in-1 feature

Two 20V batteries

PERSONAL TAKE: Along with 6 height adjustments, it has a 14-inch cutting blade and a 2-in-1 functionality (mulch or bag). You can buy this mower to reach places where your big ride-on mower can’t go.

Best Lawn Mowers Under $300

Greenworks 40V 16” Cordless Electric Mower

The Greenworks 40V 16″ Electric Mower is one of the best lawn mowers under $300.

If you prefer watching videos, watch this short video review of Greenworks Electric Mower.

It comprises a single lever 5-position height adjustment. So, it provides a cutting height of 1-1/4 inch to 3-3/8 inches, which can give one of the best cuts for all yard environments. If you want a cutting height of less than 1-1/4 inches or more than 3-3/8 inches, then this is not the right mower for you.

best electric mower under 300

But, in most cases, and for most people, this cutting height range is perfect.

While some lawn mowers are complicated to operate, this is not one of them. You simply have to push the button to start it, and it will do the work for you.

You don’t have to worry about the noise and vibration because this lawn mower is 50% less noisy than a regular gas-powered mower and the same with vibrations. This all happens because this is an electric cordless mower, and that’s why it’s so much quieter than gas-powered mowers.

This lawn mower has a 2-in-1 feature that offers rear bagging and mulching capability for multiple uses. As you already know, mulching is important, so we can’t compromise this functionality.

When its 4.0Ah battery is fully charged, it gives you up to 45 minutes of run time, and it takes nearly 120 minutes to charge it fully. This 40V battery gives you the power you need to cut all types of grass on your lawn. It is lightweight while providing a smooth operation, is easy to maneuver, and gets the job done at an affordable price.

This 16″ cutting deck allows you to maneuver over small-sized yards more efficiently. However, you need not expect more battery life because it will become weak as time passes.

So, this electric lawn mower is perfect for homeowners who have small to medium yards (up to 1/3 to 1/2 acre). You can use it on bigger lawns, but you need to charge it while mowing.

If you want to read the owner manual, you can find it here.

WORX WG779 40V Power Share 14” Lawn Mower

If you want a lawn mower best friend that can provide you with a competent life span, then this WORX WG779 lawn mower can be a good buy for you.

Watch this 2-minute unboxing video, and see this electric mower in action.

It impressively has two batteries that are included in the package, plus a charger to ensure battery life. On a single charge, you can mow up to 5,500 sq. ft. of area. So, if you have a small to medium size lawn, then this is one of the best electric mowers you can buy for under $300.

It also has a battery meter indicator that lets you know precisely how much battery is left, so you can plan things accordingly. I like this battery meter indicator because cordless electric mowers need this feature, it’s necessary.

Battery indicator of lawn mower

When using a cordless battery-powered mower, I don’t want to be in suspense that my mower can die at any minute. So, in my opinion, this battery indicator is quite helpful.

It has two 20V batteries, a total of 40V, which gives you the power to easily cut thick and tall grass on your lawn. The dual port charger can charge your batteries quickly, and you’ll be ready to mow again in just 1 hour.

Dual battery cordless mower

It has a 2-in-1 feature that lets you bag it up or mulch your grass back to the ground, depending on which you prefer. It also has Intellicut technology which provides torque on demand for more challenging conditions.

New technology

By using a single lever, you can adjust the cutting height, there are 6 height adjustments.

This is a great electric mower, but the deck width is only 14″. However, this can be a great addition even if you have a riding mower because with this you can reach areas where your big riding mowers can’t reach. If you want, feel free to read the 52-page owner’s manual.

So, overall, I recommend this budget-friendly mower.

Craftsman 2-in-1 Gas-Powered Push Lawn Mower

The Craftsman 2-in-1 Gas-Powered is a good mower, and it comes under 300 dollars. This is decent, but I am not very excited about this mower because, at this price range, there are other brands that offer push mowers with 3-in-1 functionality.

I have reviewed the PowerSmart lawn mower above, in the PowerSmart, you not only get 3-in-1 functionality, but you also get a 209cc engine, which is quite powerful as compared to the 140cc engine of Craftsman.

The recoil start is a standard feature.

It has a 21″ width cutting deck, is big enough to clean your yard, and allows you to mow large areas of grass with fewer passes. This mower is good for small and medium-sized yards.

This engine has minor assembly required once you purchase this, but do not worry: it is easy to accomplish even when you have no mechanical experience with machines.

The height adjustment is easy, you can choose from the six different cutting heights from 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches.

So, it’s a matter of choice, which one you like. But, as compared to Craftsman Push Mower, I would personally recommend the PowerSmart Push Mower if you have a sloped yard.

Sun Joe MJ401C-PRO Cordless Push Lawn Mower

The Sun Joe MJ401C is a powerful cordless push mower that is perfect for small to medium-sized yards. This environment-friendly mower comes with a durable steel blade that cuts a crisp 14″ wide path with precision while it is passing along the area.

best electric mower under $300

It features a convenient 3-position manual height control, allowing you to tailor turf to just the right height quickly. If you’re someone who doesn’t need multiple height adjustments, then this can be a good mower for you because it’s slightly cheaper than the other cordless push mowers. But, if you need 5 to 6 height adjustments, then you can go with Greenworks.

You need not hesitate when operating this mower because you can simply insert the key, press the safety switch, squeeze the trigger, then your mower is good to go. It’s quite easy to start.

You can collect your clippings with the 10.6-gallon bag that comes along with it, and it can be detached for quick disposal. The rechargeable 28V lithium-ion battery can deliver good performance, and help you to maintain a small to medium-sized lawn. The built-in battery indicator is a good thing so you’ll know about the status of the battery and can charge it accordingly.

Compact and power electric mower

It has a brushless motor, lesser noise, and gives more run time in the field. With a foldable handle, you can easily store it in your garage.

Budget-friendly lawn mower

I like this cordless push mower, which is why I’m recommending it in my list of best mowers under $300. It’s quieter than gas machines, it’s dependable, compact, and quite budget friendly as compared to others.

Things to Consider When Buying a $300 Mower

There are many lawn mowers available online and on-site. Now that you are looking for an affordable mower, usually those under $300, so, you need to consider a few things before buying.

We cannot deny that there are advantages and disadvantages to these mowers. You need to think about what features you need, and what features you don’t need.

Cutting Width

You need to buy a mower depending on the size of your lawn. If your lawn is big, then you should consider buying a mower with at least 20-inch blades.

However, you can also buy a 14-inch blade mower, a lot of people buy this kind of mower. If you enjoy mowing your lawn for hours and don’t want to spend a lot of money, then a 14-inch blade mower can be a good choice for you.

Using a 14-inch mower has its own benefits as compared to a large mower because you can easily reach areas where you can’t reach with your big ride-on mowers.

So, under the budget of $300, you can easily get a good mower.

Electric vs Gas Mower

In the budget of $300, there are many options available. You can find a good cordless electric mower and a gas mower. Now, you need to decide which mower you want based on your personal preferences.

People use gas mowers because they like the power they provide. However, electric mowers are also great because they’re a lot quieter than gas mowers, and they’re environment-friendly.

When using an electric mower, there is one downside you may have to come back to the garage to charge your mower because generally, their batteries run for about 30 to 60 minutes.

Sloppy Terrain

If your lawn has sloppy and uneven terrain, then you need to consider buying a powerful mower because a small engine mower may not give you better performance. You may also have to push that mower in those areas.

Whether you’re buying an electric mower or a gas mower, make sure to buy a mower with a powerful engine.


There are many mowers that offer 2-in-1 functionality or 3-in-1 functionality. So, you need to buy a mower that you like and offer as many features as you need.

But, I think mulching is very important, so in my opinion, if you want to buy a mower, make sure your mower has this feature.

However, it depends on you, to understand your mowing style, decide how you mow your lawn, and then buy a mower based on your requirements.

Final Words

Whether you enjoy mowing your lawn, or you do this as work, you need a good mower. There are plenty of mowers that come under $300 mark.

There are many affordable mowers out there, and we chose the best picks for you to narrow down your preferences.

Now that you have finished reading the quick reviews, you should also check out this article about the best lawnmowers under $200!

I hope you’re ready to clean your lawn while saving time, and money.

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