How to Make a Lawn Mower Fast: Step by Step Process Here

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A lawn mower is your best friend while you clean your yard, but you can’t deny that sometimes, it makes you impatient about how slow it moves on the field! You just want to make it go faster, you know?

There are many ways to make your lawn mower move quicker than its speed without needing to buy a new and faster mower.

Worry no more because, in this guide, we will tackle how to make your lawn mower move fast, plus the steps on how to do it.

Stay connected with this guide, and I assure you that once you finish reading each section, you can gain fruitful knowledge to help you clean your lawn with your faster mower.

How to Make a Lawn Mower Fast

How to make a mower faster

There are various ways to make your lawn mower fast, but if you want your mower to sprint instead, this is the wrong place to go. We only intend to improve your mower’s speed, okay? And that does not mean you must turn it into a racing mower.

A lawn mower can move faster if you give a boost on some parts of it. The primary method to make this thing happen is maintenance.

Maintain your mower from time to time by checking each part of it. You cannot make your mower go fast if the build is left unattended; making sure that everything is on the right track can lead you to improve your mower’s speed.

It would be best if you deal with your mower’s tires, blades, gasoline, filter, and the other parts that build the machine.

This way, if you mind every aspect of the mower, your mowing session would be less time-consuming and faster than its average produced speed.

Steps in Making a Lawn Mower Fast

There are different ways to make your lawn mower move fast, and we can help you with these simple steps.

Remove Bolts by Unscrewing

Unscrew the bolts within the hood perimeter, and this action will allow airflow going to the engine to at least make it breathe from the stress it has been while cleaning your lawn.

Hone Your Mower Blades

To ensure the cut quality your mower delivers, make sure you maintain the sharpness of your blades by sharpening them regularly, as much as possible.

This way, the mower blades will move and rotate easier on the grass.

With the quick and sharp cutting motion you got there, you need not go over that portion of the lawn again just to even out the grass-cut surface.

Sharp and regularly sharpened blades contribute to the speed of your mower.

How to increase the speed of lawn mower

Tire Maintenance

Just like a car, a mower can’t run properly if the tires are not inflated enough. Make sure your mower tires have the right amount of inflation so they can contribute to a smooth and quick run on the field.

If you think your mower tire has a problem, you might as well repair that tire or replace it if repair is not enough for it to work.

Clean Your Air Filter Regularly

If your mower has a clogged air filter, that can be one of the reasons why your mower runs slower. A clogged filter is a dirty filter, and this causes stress in the engine while rolling on the field.

Your mower’s gas will burn significantly less efficiently because of an unclean filter, and you don’t want that to happen if you’re going to make your lawn mower move faster.

Clean your filter from time to time to avoid clog, or you can replace them to ensure your mower’s performance. Air filters for mowers are cheap; it is not that heavy to invest in a good air filter to maintain your mower’s execution.

Adjust Your Throttle Speed

If your mower allows you to adjust your throttle, you better touch that machine because it is one of the keys to making your mower faster.

However, if there is a detailed process in adjusting your mower’s throttle, you can disregard this part since we also need to ensure your safety while manipulating your mower parts.

Check Your Gasoline

The gasoline lets some mowers run across the field, and you should check for your mower’s gasoline level.

The gasoline level in your mower engine should always be acceptable to run the whole yard, and you need to make sure it won’t run out while you’re in the middle of the field. It would also be best if you switch to high-quality gasoline.

This way, your mower will run more efficiently compared to its normal speed, and the engine will be a lot better than before.

Polish and Clean Entire Mower

Your mower cleans your yard, but your mower deserves to be cleaned too. From the inner to the outer parts, you should take care of your lawn mower to maintain or improve its cleaning ability. 

When we say the entire mower, it also includes the under part of the machine.

I know it’s too heavy for you to move it up, which means you have to ask someone to help you hold the mower while cleaning the undercarriage.

This way, your mower will be a lot fresher and cleaner, plus it can do its job more productively.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Fast Lawn Mower

Now that you have known some steps about making your lawn mower move fast, you also deserve to know the advantages and disadvantages of having a fast mower after completing the things you needed to accomplish.

Final Words

Everything mentioned above is the most helpful information to aid you in making your lawn mower move fast that you can just do while ensuring your security at the same time.

It may need you to spend a lot of time to finish all the steps you have to do, but you will be rewarded with a time-efficient lawn mower afterward.

You only need to keep an eye on your mower to keep its lifespan long, and its performance higher.

Start doing the work to increase the speed of your lawn mower and it will pamper your lawn better than before, with the grasses being healthier at the same time!

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