Ferris 400S Review: Why Should You Buy It?

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You are having a bad day because you are tired of walking around your yard while trying to even out grasses on your lawn? You may not need to worry about it, especially now that we have an essential machine to introduce you to be your company in the yard.

The Ferris 400S Zero Turn Mower is a machine that anyone could hope for having in their yards. This mower is packed with many features that you can benefit from, and you can take your lawn trimming experience to the next level.

To know more about this excellent lawn mower, I will be taking you to venture about what this mower has, and I swear, you won’t regret knowing it.

Ferris 400s Review

One of the best zero-turn mowers available in the market is this Ferris 400S. Manufacturers made it compact, with an entry-level body, plus either a 44-inch or 48-inch width deck making users be able to navigate around tight areas without even sacrificing the mower’s commercial grade attributes.

This mower has a very high potential to hold up very well in the field, considering it has a large fuel capacity and sturdy drive tires that contribute to added traction while in use. When it comes to strength, you will not deplore the ability it has because it is sturdy enough to roam around your 2-5 acres of land, plus it is effortless to maneuver no matter who’s using it. 

There might be many zero-turn mower machines available in the market, but the Ferris 400S has the capability to be competitive about its features. It is one of the best, but we can never deny there are some benefits and drawbacks to each product that is made.

Features of Ferris 400s

Commercial Grade Power

The engine of this mower is built with a commercial-grade power that includes ultimate dust and particle filtration, which works best during use. This way, the mower is not prone to easy damage or clog on its engine. An advanced debris management system is installed and included on this riding mower. When debris accidentally comes in contact with the mower while cutting, it does not affect the mower’s power or performance. There is also a beefed-up cylinder block structure. This feature contributes big time to the engine’s durability and performance.


This mower comes equipped with independent rear coil-over shocks that work best despite uneven surfaces. This patented suspension will make you a lot less concerned about bumpy surfaces while riding the mower. While you are sitting down the designated chair for you as you maneuver the mower, you will not feel any hassle or fear about encountering bumpy surfaces because you still end up sitting balanced and safe on the mower.

The patented suspension makes it a lot easier for the users to move the mower around because the user does not need to avoid surfaces to keep the mower engine safe. The mower is still safe after all despite encountering challenging exteriors in the yard.

Integrated Cup Holder

Just as you want to feel comfortable while manipulating the mower on your acres of land, you will also feel thirsty, especially when you are under the sun for a long time. Indeed, you do not want to go back to your house only to get a cup of water or your favorite drink. This mower has an integrated cup holder included in the model, and it is specifically made and included in the mower structure to give space for your drink that you want to carry while cleaning the garden. This design is thoughtful styling and very efficient for users.

Safe Driving

Fabricated steel or tubular bumper protects the Ferris 400S engine while it offers more accessible access to service. This feature ensures safe driving for users because your engine is not exposed to any dangerous hazards that it can encounter. The fabricated bumper not only keeps your engine in a safe hand but also accepts a variety of attachments like a bagging or tow system.

Pros and Cons of the Ferris 400s

Now that you have known the features of this mower, it is time to determine its advantages and disadvantages for you to be guided on how to picture out the mower on actual yard trimming activities.

  • The mower is extremely easy to maneuver, contributing to any users’ benefit and helping the engine too far from gaining stress after prolonged use.
  • When it comes to sturdiness, this mower does not come last on the list. Just by the wheels themselves, it is built sturdy and practical to roll along your yard surface without slipping or getting stuck from soft parts because it has better traction on any surfaces it passes by.
  • The hydro-gear feature is one of the keys contributing to getting the job done faster than average. Since it delivers speed up to 8 mph, you can get more work done at a quick run.
  • The fuel tank can be filled up until 5.5 gallons of fuel, which is generous enough to run at your big field.
  • No matter how much this mower can quickly trim your grasses evenly, it still cannot avoid the strong vibration and movement on the chair when you are sitting on it while strolling around your yard. It may make other users feel uncomfortable, while it might be okay for some people.
  • The engine is not that dominant as you think because it does not have the maximum level of movement when encountered with slight slopes or bumps on the ground.
  • The engine might be overloaded when used continuously for an extended period, which means it might be prone to stress if not taken care of regularly.

Final Words

There are many types of lawn mowers available, and if you want to feel comfortable while cleaning your yard, you might as well consider a mower where you can ride on instead of pushing it while tending your garden. The Ferris 400S mower can be your best friend while cleaning your yard. Now that you have known what it is and what it does might as well consider it as your company every time you decide to trim your lawn grass.

The Ferris 400S is just one of the great mowers the manufacturers have produced, and others are considerable, too. I recommend you buy this mower, and indeed your investment won’t become a useless ideology for owning one of it.

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