What is the Best Time to Buy a Mower? [Latest Guide]

What Is The Best Time To Buy A Mower
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Have you ever seen how most seasonal products tend to lower down their prices as the demand decreases? There’s no point trying to make profits on products that loses its value (or to be specific, the rush!) after sometime and that is exactly when you can think of investing, depending on the urgency of your requirement. This applies even for lawn mowers.

While there’s no such thing as the ‘best time’ to buy, you can also think of sales and offers that act as potent moments of purchasing your new lawn mower. Besides, if you’ve saved considerable amount, try and select from an array of choices and see the value you get after you’ve bought it.

If confusion prevails at large, it makes sense to ask experts or shop owners who would offer the best recommendations, deals and more.

What Is The Best Time To Buy A Lawn Mower?? [Latest Guide]

  • The ending of the mowing season to avail sales/offers

Like most gadgets or tools and devices, mowers usually make it to the sales or special offers right when the season for maximum need is over. Again, there can be issues related to mowers, for seasonal variations include climatic conditions and also the type of grass that should be mowed. Not to miss out, types vary and depending on the convenience, budget and size of lawns, a purchase is usually determined.

Ideally, lawnmower sales reduce considerably by the end of summer or during fall. But try talking to retail units and those who deal with these tools. You can locate two types of retailers in general:

  • Small lawn mower retailers

Surprisingly true, small or local outlets often have better sales compared to most of the bigger counterparts. This is largely because some rare varieties often make it to these shops. However, the sales figures might not be consistent at all times.

  • Big lawn mower retailers

Big shops offer a plethora of deals and offers at different times in the year to facilitate good sales. Besides, with the amount they earn, it is actually possible for them to offer these rates, without necessarily forsaking on the quality bit. One great thing about these retailers is that sales are usually much streamlined and predictable, so planning for deals become rather easy.

  • What to expect when purchasing in summer?

Summer is actually the main season for mowing. Ask professionals or even homeowners and they will tell you that lawn care equipment is stocked to the full by June. Believe it or not, some already begin their work well in advance and plan for mid-season maintenance by the end of summer!

In a vast majority of cases, buyers are those who have already thought of discarding their old lawn mower or have become tired after replacing old parts, which can’t be repaired anymore. The selection criteria are limited, but options still lie and if you’re lucky; a bit of low pricing might occur in your favour.

  • What to expect when purchasing in fall?

Check for the most expert advice or even websites and no one will deny that fall is undoubtedly the apt season to invest in a lawn mower; and primarily because of closeouts.

Often during August or September, retailers of outdoor power equipment puts in the present year’s mower designs and models on clearance sale. What many fail to realize in the process is the need to shift to provide equipment for winter and autumn, like chain saws, snow blowers, and more. Hence, they must clear out existing stocks from the summer or spring inventory at the earliest.

Now on the contrary, waiting till autumn means your options are limited, especially when you compare that to what you saw in the early part of summer. As time progresses, stocks usually run out, so it’s akin to risk taking. Besides, if you’re choosy about good features or the latest models, then it’s not the best bet. Better still, you can think of waiting for the next year’s lot.

  • What to expect when purchasing in winter?

Going by conventional wisdom, winter is not the correct time to invest on a lawn mower. There are few reasons- you might buy, but unpacking or setting up at that time makes no real sense. After all, you’re not aware of the damaged or missing parts, if any. Ensure that you inspect the tool when at the time of receiving so that you can address this concern, if it arises.

Winter is also the time for holiday deals or few sales events that provide good prices on lawn care equipment. So you might think of buying your mower at the end of the year closeout or a happy purchase to close the year!

  • Ways to save your hard-earned money on lawn mowers

If there is a dire need to purchase a brand new lawn mower, don’t merely wait for end-of-season sale offers, deals and such.  Often retailers give out 30-day low-price guarantees, so try availing them.

Negotiation with the shop owner always reaps in fruits! No harm trying to get the market price down from the manufacturers’ suggested retail price (MSRP). In case the store keeper denies, you can balance it out with some mower accessories or maintenance products, like oil bottles; which combined together can bring a good deal for you.

  • Purchasing used lawn mowers

Even if it doesn’t sound great now, but those looking to save considerable money should not leave out on this option. Any lawn mower that’s about 2 or 3 years old and in a good condition can be purchased, without any hassle. When buying from a dealer, you might have to shell out 60 or even 70 percent more than the retail price, and far lesser when taking from an individual. But always ensure, the brand or model is a reputed one, so as to be sure of what you’re paying for. It’s definitely not a good idea to consider add-on repair costs, which would outweigh any likely savings.


Saving is the key! Your mower is a prized asset, so take good care and fix up schedules for annual servicing, air filter replacements, oil changing, and the overall monitoring and upkeep of the same.

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