Starting A Lawn Care Business In Today’s Time [Updated]

Starting A Lawn Care Business
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The lawn care industry is growing since the past few years and has not seen a depression till now. If you are looking forward to start a lawn care business believe me it is not late and you can still earn a lot of profit from this.

When we talk about a lawn care business there are several services that come in our mind for example: Trimming, blowing, maintaining, edge and basic mowing. With so many options in the market one should target around 2 services with best quality at first rather than providing everything with minimum quality.

Always remember the business survives when the clients are happy and clients need only one thing that is quality. So quality has direct relation with client fulfilment.

In the lawn care business there are usually three segments which are:

  1. Lawn Maintenance
  2. Lawn Care
  3. Landscaping

If you are new to business you can pick any one or two out of these options depending on your budget and if you are an old player in the business you can target all the three options and start your business right away.

Let us talk in detail about these three options so that we know what it takes to get in the business;

1) Lawn Maintenance

Now the basic part of any lawn care business is the lawn maintenance, with this in your hand you will only need minimum amount of money to start.

Under this you will need to practice services such as blowing, basic trimming and basic mowing. To do all this you will need equipments which are necessary. A basic walk behind mower, basic blower and trimmer is enough.

You have to remember that all the above mentioned information is for starting a full fletched business. For people who want to start a side business then lawn maintenance is perfect option for you. You can either rent the equipments for weekend or if you have a good budget you can buy it.

Lawn maintenance is the simplest of all and needs 0 experience to start. You can work all week and book your Saturday’s & Sunday’s for your business and when later on it grows you can quit your job and add more services according to your wish.

2) Lawn Care

Under lawn care there are usually techniques with which you can take care of the lawn to the fullest. You need to practice services such as fertilization, weed control and other chemical’s to make the lawn attractive.

You can’t pursue this business option as a side business as it requires a lot of permissions and certifications. You will also have to work under the rules and regulations that have been mentioned by the government. You can check all these details with your local authorities.

For this business option you will need man power, sprinklers and basic cutters. So there is more investment when compared to the lawn maintenance. You can take up this option if you are looking forward to start a full fletched lawn care business.

3) Landscaping

Now comes the most profitable and most expensive business in terms of investment. A landscaping business is the highest paid in this this sector and requires a lot of investment for setting up.

Before starting with landscaping you will need some tools such as A good lawn mower can be any-type, leaf blowers, grass trimmers and truck to carry all your equipments.

You will also have to learn about various things such as basics in landscaping, what plants are good and attractive with low maintenance. Most of the business can be pursued by theoretical  knowledge yet you have to be creative. Many clients like it when you suggest them rather that just do what you have been asked to.

When you start to debit some cash in your bank account and make profits, you can also buy equipments which can help you take up projects for huge laws or you can say commercial lawns.

The landscaping business requires a huge investment but the ROI is amazing and you would love to introduce this option in your lawn care business.


Now that we have great knowledge of different types of options in a lawn care business the second thing that comes in our mind is how we can reach our customers.

The growing rate of internet users has now become a huge number and there is a huge audience which you wouldn’t want to miss when you start to market your business.

You can use the online marketing techniques to grow and do brand awareness which is necessary at the start of the business. You can take help of Google, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for more reach and better target audience.

Let us get in more detail on how you can utilise the online marketing platforms;

1) Website On Google

When you are ready with your website and it is live on google you can start doing the most important thing that is Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

When you perform SEO on your website, your website ranks in the google search result for keywords or topics that you have optimized. With this when people search for your services or business your website shows up in the Google search results.

This can help you drive more traffic to your business and start getting leads and business opportunities.

2) Search Engine Marketing(Google)

Google allows you to run advertisements on the search results and this will help you to rank your website at the first position of Google.

You can create your account on Google Ads, optimize your ads and select the keyword you wish to rank for, pay an amount to Google and boom!!! Your website is now at the first position of Google.

3) Social Media Advertisement

As we all know that social media is the biggest platform for brands to market on. Everyone has a mobile phone and maximum number of population of the globe uses social media. You can imagine the number of audience that you will miss if you do not market on social media platforms.

Every social media platform has their own advertisement portal which you need to access to make your ad live and start reaching to people.

If you have a great budget we would suggest you to go with Google Ads, but you are new to the business, you are not earning any profit, you can go with social media advertisement.



In the above article we have mentioned everything that comes under a lawn care business and we have also provided tips on how you can reach our audience with help of online marketing platforms.

The above article is just our thoughts on the lawn care business and if we had to start a lawn care business this is what we would do. We are not suggesting anyone to follow the exact same steps or procedure. It’s up to you what you feel is good for your business.

With help of this article we are just giving our viewers an idea on how a lawn care business looks like.

If you like our article and find it informative do share it with your family and friends who are looking forward to start a lawn care business soon.

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