Best Zero Turn Lawn Mower Tires for Better Traction

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When a tire is worn out, it can have significant drawbacks to the performance of your lawnmower.

First, you should replace your worn-out tires with new ones to restore your machine’s efficiency.

There are many types, styles, and brands of tires on the market right now. Of course, you want the best ones for your money, safety, and performance.

This article will provide you with a comprehensive list of the best tires for zero turn lawn mowers that’ll provide traction, and won’t tear up the grass, so keep on reading.

Comparing Top 3 Tires for ZTR Mowers

best affordable Tires

MaxAuto ZTR Tires

For ZTR models

Traction rating 6

Polyurethane made

Our Rating – 8

best premium tires

Kenda ZTR Tires

For ZTR models

Traction rating 10

Polyurethane made

Our Rating – 9.5

best flat-free tires


For ZTR models

Traction rating 6

Polyurethane made

Our Rating – 7.5

Best Tires for Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

best tires for zero turn lawn mowers

Carlisle Turf Saver Lawn & Garden Tire

The Carlisle Turf Saver Lawn & Garden Tire is made for residential and commercial riding lawnmowers.

Thanks to its all-weather tread compound and maximum traction on turf surfaces, this tire is best to replace turf equipment, lawnmowers, and other utility vehicles.

This innovative tire design features a unique, square shoulder shape for increased stability during yard work and a super quiet mowing experience.

These Turf Saver tires provide excellent puncture resistance than standard pneumatic tires. It also allows your lawnmower to withstand heavy loads on muddy or uneven terrains.

It also features a flat surface for easy tire gauge and improved traction to provide a better ride.

Furthermore, the chevron tread pattern provides increased sidewall stability and traction, especially on wet surfaces in straight positions, and excellent self-cleaning capabilities, improving the overall performance on any surface.

Designed with a turf-friendly tread pattern, the Carlisle Turf Saver tire is ideal for driving over rough terrains such as sod, dirt, and even some types of gravel.

It’s also vehicle manufacturer-approved, so it offers an easy and familiar fitment.

However, you can’t mount this tire right out of the package. Instead, you need to allow several days for decompression before mounting it onto your lawn mower’s rim; otherwise, the fitment will be nearly impossible for you.

MaxAuto Turf Tires

These MaxAuto lawn mower tractor turf tires can make your riding in the lawn and garden more smooth.

The extra thick tread and unique rubber formula accessible on rut make this tire ideal for the most demanding yard work and lawn jobs.

The unique rubber formula and tread design offer superior traction, heat resistance, aging resistance, and wear resistance giving you high performance and unmatched durability that’s made to last.

Moreover, the tire has a unique pattern design to increase tire and ground friction while reducing tire slip, which delivers excellent traction in turning and braking when driving on rugged terrains.

It’s also made to minimize as much noise as possible to make riding on rough terrains, such as grass, mulch, wet and dry leaves, or any other uneven surfaces on your lawn much more comfortable.

Besides that, the design also enhances the tire cooling and drainage system and provides fuel efficiency and longer tread life.

In tough applications, the tire can draw heat away from the inner liner for enhanced tread cooling.

A unique pattern design in the center area is also engineered to improve your vehicle’s handling performance and grip on wet environments and uneven road surfaces.

The unique design provides extra traction even when just one wheel touches the ground on a muddy or slippery lawn.

While a great product for your lawnmower, some consumers have reported that the installation process comes with challenges and requires more time and effort.


The MARASTAR front tire is the ideal replacement tire for your Craftsman Riding Mower.

It is a low-hassle and low-cost system compared to traditional tire repair or replacement for your Craftsman riding mower tires.

This special design allows you to install it without complicated procedures, making it painless even if you have never repaired or replaced your tires before.

It is a tire and tube package that is assembled and pre-mounted on a durable gray powder-coated steel wheel with a center hub length of 3 inches.

It also includes 3 x 0.08” thick washers and an extra e-clip to make this the practical tire and wheel solution for Craftsman mowers with 15×6.00-6 front tires.

This replacement front tire is designed to fit Craftsman Riding mowers with 15×6.00-6 tires but may also include other wheels of similar size.

In any case, check the manufacturer’s listing first and your existing tire sidewall for tire, hub, and bushing size to ensure proper replacement fit on your non-Craftsman lawn mower or tractor.

It can carry up to 400 pounds in weight, perfect for most applications including, forestry machines, golf carts, lawnmowers, and utility vehicles.

Keep slow speeds in mind, though, as it is not meant for high speeds in track racing.

Though the MARASTAR Front Tire is a good option for those looking for a budget tire that’s relatively easy to assemble, it should be noted that the durability is not as excellent as it is less thick, so it tends to wear out faster.

Antego Tire & Wheel Turf Tires

The Antego Tire & Wheel turf tires for tractors and mowers are made to fit directly onto your tractor assemblies, making the installation and fitment process a breeze.

With high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, these tires are built to last. They are the perfect replacement for your machine and make it look and feel like new.

Each turf tire includes .75 precision ball bearings that never need grease. It gives you the perfect balance, so your lawnmower tractor works smoothly and efficiently like no other.

Furthermore, the innovative quick change process allows for fast and easy tire changes without using complicated tools and procedures.

These Antego turf tires have a maximum load capacity of 570 lbs. They’re ideal for terrain and traction, not just on your lawn but also on the field or even on tracks.

These wheels measure 6×4.5 with a 3-inch hub diameter. They can fit the John Deere series and models with part numbers GY20638 and AM127303 and other models with similar measurements.

You can use these on turf surfaces such as dew-covered fairways, golf carts, lawns, and non-rocky dirt surfaces. However, keep in mind that these will not fit on trailers or carts.

One downside to this product is that it takes additional washers to fit on your axel.

This is because the wheel can slide back and forth due to the small space making it hard to connect appropriately.

Arnold Lawn Mower Front Wheel

The Arnold Lawn Mower Front Wheel brings fresh tires to the front of your lawnmower or tractor, so you’ll never have to worry about those pesky flat tires again that don’t get the job done.

This lawnmower wheel replacement replaces damaged or worn-out lawn mower wheels caused by normal wear and tear.

It is engineered to deliver improved traction on varied surfaces and smoother, more level cuts.

It has a particular turf-saver tread pattern that absorbs impact and reduces turf damage while better traction onto the ground.

The universal design fits most lawn tractors with a 15-inch front wheel. If you have MTD brands, Troy-Bilt, Craftsman, White Outdoor, Yard Machines, Yard-Man, Huskee, Poulan, Poulan Pro, Husqvarna, Bolens, John Deere, and other lawnmower units, then be sure to grab these replacement tires to upgrade your machine.

The entire assembly contains everything you need to replace your tires, including a tire, rim, bearings, and spacers.

Setting up your deck mower will be done in no time with the Arnold Front Wheel Mower. The innovative design, durable material, and easy-to-install process make it all possible.

However, some of the accessories that came with the package aren’t high quality. For example, some consumers noticed that the bearing supports are made of plastic, which isn’t nearly as durable as metal ones.

How to Buy a Lawn Mower Tire

best tires for riding lawn mower

Lawn Mower Size

When shopping for lawn tires, you first want to find out what size your tractor needs.

The size of the tires needs to match your old tires. Your lawn tractor tire number spells out some of the most important technical data to understand when you buy your next new tire.

It will tell you which tire size is best suited for your vehicle, what kind of tread they have, and basic information about the manufacturer and history of the product.

As with all tires, lawn mower tires have a series of numbers molded into the sidewall that spell out specific details about the tire. These numbers are the key to understanding the make and model of the tire.

It gives you essential information about the tire and its fitment, so make sure that you have this basic knowledge and understanding about your lawnmower’s technical aspect first before going out and buying replacement tires.

Lawnmower manufacturers also commonly include a list of the different brands, models, and series that can fit their products, so make sure to check their provided listings to ensure you get the right product and size for your lawnmower.

How to buy a  Lawn Mower Tire

Tread Patterns

The tread pattern on a lawnmower tire will determine the amount of traction it can provide. It plays a large role in its ability to provide traction and control on dry, wet, or muddy surfaces.

It is essential to determine how much traction you need by deciding what type of surface you are working with.

If you have a lot of wet grass or puddles on the ground, or if you have a lot of wet leaves or other debris on the ground, you will need to select a tire with good wet traction. Chevron turf patterns work best with this ground situation.

A Chevron pattern provides adequate traction for mowing typical lawns or grassy areas. This pattern helps to provide a superior grip on wet or dry grass without damaging the turf below.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of debris and obstruction on your lawn, such as twigs, rocks, and other hard fragments, you will need a commercial turf tread that is extra thick and puncture-resistant.

This will ensure that the tires will remain durable and rugged no matter what comes in your way while mowing your lawn.

These tires do not clog easily with mud. They feature straight channels that act as self-cleaning waterways and allow minimal turf damage and a superior grip on wet surfaces.

Conversely, if you work with muddy or slippery grounds, tread patterns with straight and shallow ribs are your best bet.

The bottom line is that you have to choose the right tread pattern that will work best and perform well in your particular lawn situation.

Final Words

The best thing about choosing the right type of tire for your lawn mower is that it gives your machine an amped-up performance and better handling with just a simple upgrade, so investing in the best tires for lawn mowers is worth a splurge.

Buying the best lawn mower tires can be a difficult task. To help make the process a little less disheartening, this article is here to help make the buying experience easier and more pleasant.

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