Best Dump Cart for Lawn Tractors in 2022: Updated Guide & Review

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Fixing up a yard can be a tiring business, especially if you plan to do it all by hand and foot, like from the old times.

But modern technology is something you have right at your fingertips, and it’s supposed to solve problems like this with modern solutions!

Hence, the dump cart.

Through this dump cart, it’ll help pick up the pace around your tasks, but if you have the best dump cart out there for your lawn tractor?

Well, you’ll be having the time of your life doing what were formerly the most mundane things from your list of chores, that’s for sure!

Best Dump Cart for Lawn Tractor in 2022

Dump cart for lawn tractors

Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart

Right off the bat, this dump cart for your lawn tractor checks out as one of the best wagons out there.

That’s such a bold claim, right? 

Well, that’s what you’re here for: to find out why.

When you think about “heavy-duty,” what comes to mind?

Is plastic one of them? Because if it is, then you can see why that is here!

Made out of high-quality poly plastic, the Gorilla has a maximum load capacity of 1,200 pounds. Imagine that!

In case you find the space smaller than you’d expect but with more pounds you can still put in, you could install dividers or rails from the designed holes at the sides.

This way, you can give the cart more height to handle a bigger pile without things rolling off! Within weight limits, of course.

Speaking of rolling, pneumatic tires will roll this wagon around to make it easier to maneuver, with the help of Gorilla’s improved frame design!

But what probably helps the most is its four-wheel stability.

For quick dumping, you can tip the bed over at nearly ninety degrees to make unloading easier to do!

What makes this so different from every other dump cart in the selection is this: Gorilla’s convertible, towable handle.

You can connect this dump cart for your lawn tractor AND use it as a bandwagon if said tractor is out for the count because you can pull this behind you without any problem!

And as this has four wheels, you’ll never have to bend over to roll it behind you!

Just remember: while this can handle over a thousand-pound worth of materials, it doesn’t mean it’s invincible. Make sure to use this for menial labor outside heavy construction sites, or else it might break under all of that weight.

  • Poly plastic
  • Can hold 1200 pound
  • Can attach dividers or side rails
  • Has pneumatic tires
  • Stable because of four wheels
  • 2-in-1 convertible handle
  • Could be more durable

Craftsman CMX-GZ-BF-71-24489 10-cu ft Poly Dump Cart

It’s your classic, two-wheeled wagon just short from a wheelbarrow. This design is iconic enough for it to be used by many brands.

But it’s Craftsman’s time to shine, so let’s talk more about that, shall we?

As another dump cart made out of plastic, rust, and corrosion are non-existent when it comes to this, so that’s one problem off the list!

Another issue you can tic off is maneuvering, as the Craftsman features pneumatic tires that can go on either smooth or rough surfaces combined with the ribbed design that makes it roll across your yard as gentle as a summer breeze.

As for assembling, this has a minimal amount of parts for you to consider, which should give you up to thirty minutes to fix up then you’re ready to go!

In exchange, despite having the same material as the Gorilla, the Craftsman can only handle 550 pounds in its capacity. So that roughly makes it half the weight from Gorilla.

On the bright side, though, Craftsman features a universal fit hitch that can connect it to many lawn tractors out there, with a foot lever making life easier for your back, so you don’t have to bend over just to unload!

  • Poly plastic
  • Has pneumatic, ribbed tires
  • Few assembly parts
  • Can hold 550 pounds
  • Has universal fit hitch
  • Uses a foot lever
  • Can only handle lighter load

Precision Products LDT1002B 10 Cu Ft Steel Dump Cart

Aptly branded as “Precision” Products, this dump cart’s design is pretty straight-to-the-point.

It’s more or less what you’ll expect to see from an average wagon.

Because of this, it’s probably to be expected how easy to use this is, the assembling even more so. At a glance, you can quickly tell it has few assembly parts to pay more mind to, just like the one from Craftsman.

Pneumatic wheels move this wagon around for that easy maneuvering, whether across smooth marble or, of course, gritty rocks.

And carrying all of that load around is a steel bed supported by a steel axle guaranteed for its solidness.

The same can’t be said for the bed itself, though.

Yes, it’s made of steel, but it’s not as solid as you’d expect. Meaning, it’ll inevitably sport dents if you load it up with a ton of rocks.

So, if you’re looking for something “precise” to fulfill your needs, this Precision Product is the way to go.

Just be mindful of what you’ll be loading it with, and be careful in keeping it from bumping into anything!

  • Steel
  • Has straightforward design
  • Can hold 750 pounds
  • Has pneumatic wheels
  • Bed is made out of thin steel

Agri-Fab 45-0101 750-Pound Max Utility Tow Behind Dump Cart

Another dump cart for lawn tractor made of steel, Agri-Fab, pushes it even further by topping it off with a powder-coat paint finish that guarantees a longer product life.

This results in quality scratch resistance, perfect for whatever chore you have out in the yard. Be it carrying lumber or pebbles.

However, keep in mind that, despite its steel bed, this can only handle the capacity of 750 pounds.

Pneumatic wheels carry this wagon around to enhance that mobility you’ve been looking for, even across rough terrain.

What’s more, these wheels have bearings that feature grease zerks for quick and clean maintenance. And it doesn’t hurt that this helps prolong Agri-Fab’s lifetime even more.

In line with ease, this features an easy-release foot lever for you to push your foot onto instead of going through the trouble of ducking to tip your cart over!

Besides that, a hitch is equipped as its attaching system meant for universal use so that you can connect this to most of the lawn tractors out there in just a few bolts and screws!

Speaking of bolts, you’ll probably notice that, in assembling, the ones from the body might not line up with the chassis, so keep a lookout for that.

  • Steel
  • Scratch-resistant, powder-coat paint finish
  • Has 750-pound capacity
  • Has pneumatic wheels
  • Wheel bearings has grease zerks
  • Easy release foot lever
  • Universal fit hitch
  • Bolts from the chassis don’t line up

Ohio Steel 4048PHYB Pro Grade Hybrid Tractor/ATV Cart with Swivel Dump

This matches the bill for the complete opposite of the dump cart spectrum with the Gorilla at the other end.

Why is that?

Well, you’ll notice that you can put up your dividers or side rails on the Ohio Steel just like Gorilla. Besides that, you can even swivel this up to a hundred degrees for easy maneuvering.

However, its differences are stark and obvious.

Mainly, this Ohio Steel only has two wheels compared to Gorilla’s four. Now that I think about it, you can probably consider this as the wagon version of the Gorilla.

On a lighter note, though, while Gorilla only has the capacity of 1,200 pounds, the Ohio Steel has half a hundred added onto that count, making it capable of holding 1,250 pounds!

However, you should be aware of its wheels.

More precisely, its bearings, or its lack of one.

Without any wheel bearings, this makes it not ideal for long periods. So if you’re eying this one, then you better have a backup at the ready in case the Ohio Steel needs a break.

But if you still think this dump trailer could work with you, then it’s recommended you have liters of grease set aside to keep it smooth sailing behind your lawnmower.

Now that I mentioned it, your lawnmower should have a unique braking system to stop at a dime, or else you’ll be dragging a dead weight behind you and ruin the dump cart.

  • Steel
  • Can add “cage” extension for the cart
  • Can maneuver up to 100 degrees
  • Has 1250-pound capacity
  • Has no wheel bearing
  • Requires a lot of grease

How to Choose Dump Carts for Law Tractors

Dump cart for lawn tractors

Move to the Left, Move to the Right

Many older wagons out there used their great sizes to hold a much bigger load. But it’s also due to this size that they tend to be awkward to maneuver.

As the dump carts in the selection are more aptly called utility carts, their size should complement any lawn tractors in the market.

However, despite roughly having similar measurements, the ease from which they handle their load is a must!

Since only you can tell where exactly you’ll be using the dump cart of your choosing, its frame should be built sturdy while allowing smooth swivels for it to turn whichever direction your chosen lawn mower’s driving towards.

Many dump carts are ideal for this feature: namely, Gorilla and Ohio Steel.

However, while you could swivel the Ohio Steel around, it still has its downsides that can affect its mobility, especially if you usually take a long time out in the yard.

In that case, the Gorilla would be perfect to drive around with your lawnmower due to its four helpful wheels!

Load ‘Em Up!

It is called a “dump cart” for a reason.

So it should be evident that dumping your materials in would mean it needs to hold up quite the weight.

Dirt, soil, rocks, wood; your ideal dump cart should adapt well to whatever you’re loading it up without breaking under its weight.

Having a steel frame would help accommodate any amount you’ll give it. Within its weight limit, of course.

Since steel is known for its durability, it has a capacity of over a thousand pounds, as you can see from the Gorilla and Ohio Steel.

But this does come with disadvantages.

If you’re exposing this wagon to the wonders of nature, then you’ll find the steel affected by rust or corrosions. 

Unless you have it painted by a powder-coat finish to keep that from frequently happening, like the one from Agri-Fab.

On the other hand, high-quality plastic is free from any issues, except it can only hold a weight below a thousand pounds.

But as long as the plastic has a solid steel frame supporting it (the best example would be from Gorilla), then it can hold up to a thousand pounds, no problem!

So, depending on whatever you’re planning to do with your lawnmower, will you be risking the price of greater load-bearing, or do you want to keep your dump cart using maintenance as minimal as possible?

Hook, Line, and Sinker

As your dump cart will work side-by-side with your lawnmower, you need to keep an eye out for its attaching mechanism.

Since most of the dump carts in the selection kept a wheelbarrow-style as their aesthetic, you have them attached to your lawn tractor by using their hitch.

Then, to tip the cart over for its contents, it should have a foot release to make it quick and easy.

But what if your lawn mower’s not available? Or even your lawn tractor?

Maybe because of a broken part, so it’s out of commission in the meantime, but work doesn’t stop, so now you’re stuck with loads of materials to move around.

You can’t do that while dragging your dump cart behind you. That’s bound to be exhausting! And you have to bend a bit to keep everything inside the bed because it only has two wheels, so that’s double the exhaustion!

That’s why having a four-wheeled dump cart is very handy, and the best example of that is the Gorilla.

Because of its four wheels, they can keep the cart stable without needing you to hold it up by the hitch.

It’s also worth mentioning that, instead of merely having a hitch, the Gorilla uses a convertible 2-in-1 handle that you can use to pull along by hand without needing to duck AND adjust it for towing!

Very thoughtful!

Final Thoughts

As summer arrives, combined with what’s happening now in 2022, you have all the time in the world stuck in the home.

What better time to fix your yard up than now?

Once you find the best dump cart for your lawn tractor, the entire experience can be considered pleasant because it makes it easier for you to go back and forth loading up your materials!

What’s more, you can even use your dump cart on some odd jobs for groundskeeping if you’re looking for some extra cash. I bet your client’s going to commend your efficiency for a job well done!

Therefore, you should be thorough in choosing your potential dump cart. Learn to have foresight in your plans to pin down which one will make a great pair with your tractor or mower.

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