Best Lawn Mower Snow Blower Combo

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I bet you’re tired of shoveling snow every time the cold season comes.

It’s genuinely frustrating, especially when you lose all your energy while removing snow from the lawn, but it just does not go away, even when you’re all exhausted.

It would be a lot better to ride on something while eliminating the snow, wouldn’t it be?

Well, we will introduce you to the best lawn mower snow blower combo to help you out big time while making the garden look new again after a hard snow season.

We will also show you the things you need to consider before purchasing a riding snow blower, to help you out with what standards you need to analyze before investing in the machine.

the 5 best lawn mower and snow blower combo 2021

Best Lawn Mower Snow Blower Combo

PowerSmart Snow Blower

The PowerSmart Snow Blower has a powerful gas engine that offers you one of the best snow blower activities once you bring this along the driveway. It has a snow-clearing action and can throw snow up to 40 ft., together with the 212cc engine that offers strong power even in the cold.

It is a 2-stage snow blower that cuts through tough snow and diverts it away from the chute to prevent clogging, keeping the snow blowing to stay in the course.

This snow blower has a snow-clearing capability with a maximum clearing width of 24-inches, and a clearing depth of 20-inches for heavy and thick snow. It can clear up driveways that can hold up to ten parked cars, with 6-inches to 10-inches of snow on the surface.

This snow blower has a self-propelled system to allow you to get through the heavy snow a lot easier, and it also has a corded electric starter where you can push the button to start in a snap while attaching it to the extension cord.

This model can be one of the best snow blowers, but you have to deal with its power issue later.

John Deere 100 Series Power Lift Kit

If you are looking for a John Deere lawn tractor with a snow blower, then the 100 Series Power Lift Kit is for you.

This snow blower is one of the best lawn tractors for snow removal, given that it is designed to make your winter workload a lot lighter, more convenient, and more enjoyable.

An easy installation is one of people’s most wanted features in devices. This kit won’t fail you because you can easily install this while utilizing a single electric actuator to raise and lower the snow blower effortlessly. This kit is self-contained on the snow blower frame, and removal is also as easy as how you can install it.

It is designed for high-hour usage with 4 to 6-inches lift height and a limited controllable downforce. It includes convenient dash-mounted control and all electrical components, making this snow blower easy to use and maneuver.

If you want to make trailer loading easier, you might purchase this and have this in your home. Blowing snow will be one of the most enjoyable parts of your day with this snow blower, so long as you know how to take care of this after use.

Briggs & Stratton 1697292 1022EX Snow Blower

We know it’s hard to find a riding lawn mower snow blower these days, but we can offer you a snow blower that does the job ideally to make your day a lot easier. This Briggs and Stratton snow blower has a gas-powered source with a 208cc engine for 9.5 foot-pounds of torque with a snow shredder auger, and it belongs to the powerful 950 snow series which can help you deal with the thick snow along the driveway.

This snow blower has a 22-inch-wide clearing path with a 12.5-inch intake height, and this snow blower is wide enough to let you clean the driveway with less time consumed.

The snow shredder serrated auger is a patented-pending technology that this snow blower has, and it comes with 14 serrated surfaces that provide advanced ice-chopping and snow-clearing power.

This snow blower’s chute can easily rotate up to 200 degrees from left to right, and it comes with a quick-adjust chute deflector, which quickly changes the height and distance with a simple squeeze of the chute-mounted handle.

It may have issues with durability, so this may not last you long in super heavy snow.

Husqvarna Two Stage Lawn Tractor Mounted Snow Thrower

If you want a snow blower attachment, you might want to check out this Husqvarna model.

This snow blower attachment does not initiate any difficulties when used because even during installation, this one is easy to put and remove. You can remove this snow blower without tools while attaining its best quality while used on the driveway or lawn.

This Husqvarna snow thrower has a universal fit-up, and you can comfortably handle hard and thick snow up to 18-inches to be removed and scraped away from the surface. The two 12-inch diameter serrated input augers can pull in snow, while the high-speed impeller propels the snow through the poly chute.

No matter how thick the snow is, so long as this model can attain, then you can free your area from snow in no time.

This snow thrower has a replaceable wear plate. You can raise this device and lower it from the tractor seat, and the operator can adjust the discharge chute easily and control the deflector pitch. It also has a 180-degree rotation from the tractor seat.

You can install this device easily, but you have to know its compatibility with your mower to ensure the riding lawn mower with snow blower attachment combination.

MTD Arnold 3-Stage Snow Thrower

And last, but not least on our list is the MTD Arnold Genuine Parts 3-Stage Snow Thrower.

This snow thrower is compatible with the Troy-Bilt Super Bronco XP riding lawn mower. It comes with newer innovative three-stage technology that can clear snow up to 25% faster than other traditional two-stage snow throwers. This model is one of the most efficient devices you can attach to your riding mower, and you can deal with snow quickly with this device.

It has a high-volume accelerator that cuts and chops snow quickly to disintegrate easily, and it can remove up to 18-inches of snow from your driveway!

This snow thrower is built with a robust steel high arch chute that provides optimal snow throwing, and it includes adjustable and replaceable skid shoes and a scraper blade. Not only can you scrape the snow quickly, but you can obtain its work while having optimum time efficiency at the same time.

If ever you have issues with some parts of this snow thrower, its replacement is easy to find, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it instantly. 

can i use my lawn mower to blow snow?

Things to Consider Before Buying Lawn Mower Snow Blower Combo

Yard Size or Long Driveway

You need to consider your yard size because purchasing a snow blower for riding mower, and any type of this combination might not be that useful in your area.

If you have a regular-sized yard, having the lawn mower and snow blower combo might not be that needed because you can still manage to remove the snow from the yard manually; however, it will make you exhausted in a short period.

However, if you are eager enough to buy one, this combo can help you deal with snow in no time. It will take the least time to finish the job, removing the snow quickly in just a blink of an eye.

Be mindful of the yard size so you will be sure enough when to use it. If your yard is small, this combination is not essential but can still be used. 

Storage Capacity

The snow blower attachments are big enough that they could take up space when you store the mower. It requires having a good and spacious area to ensure proper storage without damaging the product, and you do not want to let your device moisture from heat or too much coldness around.

If you want a lawn mower snow blower combo, make sure you can dedicate a storage space in your home that is big enough for the mower and the attachments, and there should be no chances for any rodents or pests to enter the area. 

Ensure the cords are secured, so your snow blower attachment is safe from any damage.

Long Winters

If you have long winters coming every year, it would be best to buy a lawn tractor with a snow blower. This way, you can clean your driveway or yard a lot easier, and you will use the combination more frequently. You won’t need to clean around the house by shoveling the snow manually because the snow blower got your back!

However, if you don’t have long winters and heavy snow, you don’t need to buy the snow blower combo necessarily, but you can still buy one if you are eager enough to clean the driveway in a short time with few passes.

Final Words

A lawn mower-snow blower combo benefits you in various ways, especially when you need to deal with thick snow that’s just difficult to remove from the yard. Now that we have chosen to review the selected lawn mower with the snow blower above, it should be easy for you to do the job without hurting your arms and legs the whole day for the sake of snow removal.

It will be efficient for your part when you get this combination, but you also choose to purchase a different lawn mower if ever you want to have it alone.

Hopefully, you have a better prospect about this machine. This can help you out big time, so choose your best fighter!

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