Why is White Smoke Coming from Your Lawn Mower? Find Out Here

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Have you ever experienced seeing a cloud of white smoke coming from your lawn mower while you are happily cleaning your yard to get rid of its untidiness?

What if I tell you that smoke indicates something is going on with your lawn mower? Would you ever take action to take a look at it?

Various reasons can cause white smoke coming from your lawn mower.

May it be the engine or oil, you definitely deserve to know what it is and how you can fix this issue.

Throughout this article, you should stick with me because you will surely not disapprove of learning about this information at the end of this guide: it will help you big time!

Why is My Lawn Mower Blowing White Smoke?

white smoke from lawn mower

White smoke coming out of your favorite lawn mower indicates that your engine is exhausted, or it is usually about oil-related issues that you should fix to keep your mower from getting damaged.

You may have added oil and spilled some onto other parts of the mower, or maybe it was overfilled without you noticing.

Many factors are affecting the cause of white smoke, and some are caused by:

  • Over usage of engine
  • Overfilling of fuel
  • Incorrect oil filled up in the tank
  • Head gasket issues
  • Faulty mower parts
  • Oil leakage onto the engine

There are a lot of possibilities about why your lawnmower is emitting a cloud of white smoke.

It may also indicate that your mower lacks maintenance, in which it burns your oil harshly it produces unwanted smoke while it is in use.

To fix the mower might be easy or difficult, and it all depends on how you can handle the issue by yourself.

Now you know about the possible causes of your mower spewing white smoke, it is time to learn about correcting the problem.

Troubleshooting the White Smoke Issue

Lawn mowers emitting white smoke can really be a problem simply because mowers do not have this issue if they are doing great while cleaning your yard.

Surely you want to get rid of the smoke, and here are some simple yet effective tips on how to fix your white smoke issue, and you better not skip these pieces of advice because you don’t want to have a worn-out lawn mower engine!

Drain Excess Oil

Usually, an overfilled oil in your mower’s reservoir can cause white smoke, so check your oil level using the dipstick you can find just around your mower.

You have to wipe the dipstick first with a rag to clean it, then insert it into the reservoir.

Pull the dipstick to check the oil level that stained it and compare it to the recommended oil level on the stick.

If the oil is higher than the recommendation, drain some of the oil to relieve the smoke issue.

Make sure to follow manual instructions in draining your mower oil, if any is available.

Carburetor Cleaning

The oil probably reaches the carburetor if the mower emits white smoke and dies simultaneously.

Engines usually work with recurred operating or starting the mower, as it will clear the oil that blocks the gas feed jet.

If it does not, better clean your carburetor the avoid the issue. Make sure your mower is not plugged in to be safe from any possible harm while cleaning.

Clean your Air Filter

In some cases, the oil reaches the air filter, maybe because of leakage or just overfilling.

Whatever caused the oil to get in the air filter causes white smoke. Take your air filter and pat dry it with a paper towel.

You may also clean your air filter the best way possible you can apply, depending on what your manual indicates you can do about it.

Start the engine, and white smoke can still appear within some seconds after cleaning.

After some time, the white smoke will disappear; this means you only have a filter problem. 

Take It to the Repair Shop

Yes, you have to take it to the repair shop if you can’t handle fixing your mower on your own.

If you have checked every part of your mower and your fixing still did not make the smoke disappear, it may be a more severe problem.

Remember that safety is always a priority: you cannot just keep on trying to fix your mower significantly if you have surpassed your knowledge limit on how to deal with it.

Taking it to the repair shop will give you ease if you can’t fix the issue yourself, and indeed it will be what is best for your benefit.

white smoke from lawn mower

Mowering the Lawn

To prevent white smoke from showing while utilizing your lawn mower in your yard, you can make some movements to keep your lawn mower as good as new.

You can be careful about moving your mower to steep slopes. Not all mowers are well sealed in their lubrication systems, which can cause an oil overflow from the reservoir if a constant slope encounter happens.

It does not mean you cannot go to slopes while mowing; you only have to take precautions and be careful when reaching the portion to avoid white smoke from appearing.

You are now also informed about how it can affect your mower’s technicalities, so always look when getting to the inclined soil so you can prevent the problem earlier.

Final Words

No matter how much we take care of our possessions, we can never avoid some issues or damages that they may hold.

You may be very careful about taking care of your lawn mower but keeping track of how the engine works inside can be hard sometimes.

White smoke may appear, and it may cause either minor or major problems.

Checking your mower from time to time helps keep it from wearing out.

If it surpasses your ability, take it to the repair shops and let the repairmen do the work for you: your mower will be as powerful as ever!

Do the manageable actions you can perform in your home, so long as you know how to operate it.

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