Different Types Of Lawn Mower Brands [Updated Guide]

Different Types Of Lawn Mower Brands
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In today’s time lawn mower is a very important tool for lawn owners or properties with huge lawns. Lawn Mowers add ease to your work related to lawn care and allow you to spend your crucial time somewhere else. A pretty lawn add’s value to your house as well and can become a prime attraction for people who pass by your property.

When we think about gardeners who used to make our lawn look pretty by doing all the cleaning manually the only thing that comes in our mind is the amount of money and time that was wasted in the process. With help of lawn mowers we have to invest only one time and don’t even let me start on the time that will be saved using this equipment.

Lawn mowers are mostly used for trimming, cutting and maintaining grass on residential and commercial lawns. Usually lawn mowers have multiple blades which spins at a certain RPM which cuts the grass. You don’t have to worry about the uneven cutting as all the lawn mowers out there have certain cutting lengths which you can decide according to your needs.

Lawn mowers are heavy and the question is that how you can move the machine around your lawn single handedly?? All the lawn mowers have four wheels two at the front and a bit bigger ones at the back, this helps you to move your mower around the lawn with ease. There are also mowers which are self propelled that means they have motor attached and you have to just walk behind to direct the mower in desired direction.

Now that you have got an idea about Lawn Mowers, let us dive in the and know the best brands that are available in the market.

Different Types Of Lawn Mower Brands [Select From The Best]

Some of the best brands are:

  1. Greenworks
  2. PowerSmart
  3. Craftsman
  4. Sun Joe
  5. American Lawn Mower Company

Let us some details about these companies and why they are so good at what they do.

1) Greenworks

Greenworks is one of the most famous and fabulous brand when it comes to lawn mowers or any other outdoor power tools. They are very well known for lawn mowers and leaf blowers. Greenworks has lawn mower for every type of lawn let it be a small or huge lawn they have you covered.

If you are a personal consumer or a commercial buyer all your needs will be covered. Greenworks has mainly two brand one on which we are talking about the other one is Greenworks Commercial. As the name says Greenworks Commercial is specially designed for commercial buyers.

The Greenworks mower’s are built in their own factories and this allows them to have control over the whole supply chain also allows them to give guarantee of their product and this also leads to one more factor that is custom development of lawn mower. As the mower’s are built in their own factories it allows them to take customisation from the client and deliver them the product of their own design and choice.

Greenworks is one of the best company when it comes to any outdoor power tool. They are also the leading brand in battery powered outdoor tools.


2) PowerSmart

PowerSmart deals is very limited outdoor power tools and one of them is lawn mower. The design and functions that the PowerSmart lawn mower offers is very limited and can’t be used for commercial purpose.

The lawn mower that this company offers is very handy and small in size. It is a perfect fit for small to medium lawn owners. The compact size of the mower developed by PowerSmart allows you to utilise your garage space more efficiently.

PowerSmart is an American company and with one of the most efficient staff they are able to develop lawn mowers and other outdoor equipments at a very reasonable price and this is also good for customers as the tools offered by PowerSmart are not very expensive when compared with other brands.

Providing the same product at a very reasonable price taking care of the quality is a big deal. PowerSmart never compromises on the quality of the product.

The brand is also known for providing 2 years of warranty for gas tools and 1 year for battery powered/ electric powered tools.

At the end we would like to conclude that PowerSmart is the best for consumers with small-medium lawns.


3) Craftsman

Craftsman is the second biggest company in the power tools industry after Greenworks. Craftsman deals in various types of product right from power tools to accessories, etc.

In the earlier stages Craftsman usually dealt in outdoor power tools and with success started to expand it’s empire. After Greenworks lawn mowers it is Craftsman who’s lawn mowers come in picture.

Bothe the companies(Greenworks and Craftsman) are leading provider of top quality outdoor power tools. Craftsman also deals in both personal and commercial lawn mowers. It also deals in battery and electric powered tools.

Craftsman is considered to have the same level of product as of Greenworks and this makes Craftsman a strong competitor in the market.

If you are ever planning on to purchase a lawn mower Greenworks, PowerSmart and Craftsman are the brands that you should be looking into.



The brands in the above article have been listed according to our research and none of the brands have paid us to write a review. All the brands mentioned above have earned their spot.

Before writing any review our team research’s and collect the data. Furthermore, the products are tested by us and are then sent out for a review. This process helps us to deliver the right information to our readers.

At the end we would like to say that before purchasing any lawn mower one should also research on his own as lawn mowers are expensive and you wouldn’t want to buy one in a hurry.

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Thank You and Happy Mowing

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