How to Charge a Lawn Mower Battery: Step By Step

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The battery is the powerhouse of a mower. You need to charge the battery to make the mower work.

If you just bought a lawn mower and you are wondering how to start a lawnmower and if should charge it every time after using it, then you’ve landed on the correct page.

Well, you don’t have to charge it every time you use it. But, learn, when should you charge? How long you should charge? Which charger can be used? When to replace the battery by simply reading this article.

Let’s begin with, when do you need to charge your batteries? 

Charging lawn mower battery

When to Charge Your Mower’s Battery?

You can use your mower for months without ever charging it. Still, there are some instances when you should connect your battery to a charger to guarantee that it is fully charged. You may need to charge your riding mower in the following situations:

  • Before you start the mower for the first time in the spring, be sure you have everything you need.
  • If somehow the battery is abruptly dead for some reason before mowing.

You usually don’t need to charge your mower’s batteries on a regular basis. Rather, you’ll only need to plug in the charger if your battery is dead, or if you’re planning to start or store the mower.

Instructions to Charge Battery

Now you know when to charge your battery, but how to charge? These step-by-step instructions will help you.

  • Firstly, put on your protective gear. When working with a Lawn Mower battery or jumper cables, wear gloves and safety eyewear. In the event of a spark, they’ll keep you safe.
  • Find the battery. Most ride-on Lawn Mowers have a battery situated behind the seat. You don’t have to remove the battery, it can be left there while it’s charging.
  • Connect the charging cables. Connect the red and black cables of the charger to the positive and negative battery terminals, respectively.
  • Set the voltage and amps to the desired levels. You can modify the voltage and amp level on some lawn mower battery chargers. 
  • Set the amp level to 10 or less and make sure the voltage matches the voltage of your batteries, which is most likely 12V.
  • To charge the battery, plug the charger into a wall outlet.
  • When the battery is fully charged, disconnect. 

It takes around an hour to charge a 10-amp device. Expect smaller amp levels to take longer.

Battery Charger Problems With Older Models

Did you know? Previously, chargers lacked the ability to prevent overcharging!

An overcharged battery resulted in the leakage of hazardous fumes from the power source.

This is no longer an issue. Overcharging is now prevented by built-in technologies in chargers. As a result, you may probably leave your battery charger connected and forget about it.

You do not have to worry about harmful gases affecting you or the environment when you return, even if it has been several hours.

Features of Modern Battery Chargers

As previously stated, investing in a modern lawn tractor battery charger eliminates many of the health risks associated with outdated chargers.

You can also choose from a number of innovative features based on the model you choose, including the following:

  • Slow charge, quick charge, and jumpstart modes are among the options.
  • To prevent incorrect connections, there is a hookup failsafe.
  • Timer for charging is built-in
  • Shutdown by itself
  • Clamps that can be used for a variety of connections
  • Float modes for the most efficient charging
  • Amp rates that can be controlled

It’s important to note that not all chargers on the market today include all of the following characteristics. However, if you intend to extend the life of your lawn mower’s battery, it’s generally a good idea to get a charger with a lot of options.

Can I Charge My Lawn Mower Battery With a Car Charger?

Yes, you can use a car battery charger to recharge your lawnmower’s battery. Using the jumper cables that are already attached to the charger, connect the mower’s battery to the charger. 

However, only 12-volt batteries are compatible with this method.

When to charge lawn mower battery

Do New Lawn Mower Batteries Need to Be Charged?

The batteries of electric walk-behind lawn mowers are usually charged enough to use right out of the box. 

However, this isn’t always the case, and you can find that when you open the box for your new mower, the battery isn’t fully charged or isn’t charged at all. 

Riding lawn mower batteries are conventional 12-volt batteries identical to those found in cars, they don’t need to be charged at all.


After charging the mower, you can put it away for the winter. The battery will diminish with time, however, it will help you cut your first few patches of grass without needing to plug in the charger.

Tried all the ways to charge your battery but couldn’t charge? Check the battery maybe its time to replace the battery. Usually, the battery would be needed to replace every 4 years.

Try to utilize modern chargers so you can move freely after using them because you don’t have to worry about them overcharging and the amp can be changed to fit your battery.

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