How To Start a Lawn Mower?

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It might be frustrating to start a lawnmower, especially when you’ve never done it before. 

While there are significant variances amongst lawnmowers, many of them use the same fundamental method. 

You’ll be able to start your lawnmowers like an expert in no time with a little effort and elbow grease!

For that,  you must follow some steps to ensure that your mower will start and your lawn will be mowed with ease.

Starting a lawn mower

How to Start a Lawn Mower?

Follow these steps to start your lawn mower

Step 1: Start With Preparation

First, take your lawn mower to an open and grassy area. If you find things like  rocks or bricks around your machine, remove them. 

Step 2: Ensure the Mower Has Fuel

If the mower has a 4-stroke motor, open the oil filling cap or dipstick to check the oil level.

You’ll need to put oil into the gas if your mower has a 2-stroke motor. Make sure you’re using the appropriate sort of oil and the optimum mixture of gas for your engine.

Step 3: Double-Check The Spark Plug

A single spark plug end with a thick wire-like lead and a rubber cover should emerge from the back or side of the engine.

Double-check that lead is tightly attached to the spark plug as it only initiates the engine. If properly mounted, it will seem to be a thick rubber hose affixed to a metal protrusion.

  • Check your user manual if the spark plug isn’t properly connected. It’s probable that you’ll need to take your lawnmower to a repair shop.
  • Replace the spark plug once a year with the help of a professional.

Step 4: Find The Prime Button

It’s commonly a spongy red or black button on the mower’s frame. To push the gasoline into the lines, press it three to four times.

If you push too hard, the engine will overflow. Check your user manual if you can’t find the prime button.

Skip this step if your mower doesn’t have a prime button. However, to be sure, double-check the user handbook.

Step 5: Open throttle

A lever is often situated on the lawnmower’s handle or the engine’s body. Adjust the throttle to a mid-to-high position. If you skip this step, the engine won’t be able to keep running after it’s started.

If the mower is cold, turn on the choke. The choke provides for a greater fuel-air mixture in the engine, allowing it to operate for longer before it warms up. After the mower has been running for a few minutes, turn off the choke.

Step 6: Pull The Starter Cord

If you find any horizontal lever near the handle of your lawnmower, hold it against the handle. Next, grip the starter’s handle quickly and pull it up. You may need to do this several times before the motor turns on.

  • If it fizzles and sounds like it’s trying to start but doesn’t, it might indicate that there is no fuel in the tank.
  • If the engine won’t begin or make any noises, it means that the spark plug is absent. Examine the spark plug and try it again.

If you are still facing problems with starting your mower then you must check for symptoms and diagnose them, to solve the problem.

Steps to start lawn mower

How to Diagnose Problems in the Mower?

Step 1: Ensuring that Starter Rope Is Not Stuck

The starter is a rope with a handle that emerges from the lawnmower’s body. The blade may be caught or jammed with grass if this chain is very tough to draw. 

Pull the rubber hose’s head away from the metal connector to disconnect the spark plug.

Clear the trash from the lawnmower by turning it on its side, keeping yourself safe from the blades.

Step 2: Inspect the Mower to Check If It’s Smoking

To begin, switch off your lawnmower and leave it to cool for an hour. Check to see whether the smoke has stopped after a few minutes. In case of an emergency, keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

Take your lawnmower to a small engine technician if it’s smoking and won’t start. Maybe your mower needs to be serviced.

Step 3: The discharge Chute Must Be Cleared.

Detach the spark plug and clean debris from the blades and discharge chute after the motor has cooled. 

The air filter may be blocked, or the blades may be bent, if the lawnmower persists in generating smoke, seek help from a mechanic to resolve the issue.

Sometimes a lawnmower does not start when not used overtime so make sure to use timely to avoid any inconvenience.


Now you are all set to start your lawn mower without any difficulties.

If the lawn mower’s battery has died after a lengthy period of inactivity, you may kickstart it by attaching it to a car battery.

Successfully started the lawn mower but does it die quickly? Do not worry we have an article to understand the possible reasons to die and remedies.

When using lawn mowers, remember to be cautious. Allow no children or dogs to be near a lawn mower that is operating. Keep an eye on your hands and feet to make sure they don’t come into touch with the blades.

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