Best Stand On Mowers in 2022: Commerical and Residential

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It’s impressive how much our technology has progressed with time especially when it comes to stand-on mowers.

From having all hands on deck to barely even lifting a finger to do that same task.

But it doesn’t stop mowing the lawn from being tedious, though, especially if you have too little time or too little energy to trim the grass down.

However, as mentioned earlier, with how much technology has advanced, there are bound to be new ways created for you to somewhat find mowing enjoyable.

In this selection of some of the best commercial stand-on mowers available in the market, you can see that!

Best Stand-On Lawn Mowers in 2022

Cub Cadet Pro X 654 Mower

Okay, so before Delving straight into reviewing this gorgeous piece of usefulness let me tell you why the craze for stand-on mowers. Well, the most obvious thing that they have over zero turn mowers is the way stand-on can be controlled by the owner. How?

So let’s look at Pro X 654. Personally, I believe this is one of the best and latest designs in the stand-on mowers category. Though meant for commercial platforms that mow on lands that are full of obstructions, it uses a 24.4 hp Kawasaki(R) 852cc engine.

Its impeccable high performance is all thanks to the Hydro-gear PK 12cc pumps and Parker TL 240cc wheel motors, which offer smooth operation on all grounds.

The stand-on mower is one suspension and it is also adjustable as per your weight so that while riding at High speeds you don’t get imbalanced at turns or slopes. You can easily hop onto it and get to it faster and more effectively. This ensures you get to clear off debris or stuff lying around the path.

Maximum forward speed is 10 mph and at the reverse, it can go 5 mph. The cutting width of the deck is 54 inches, operating on 7.5 gallons.

TORO GrandStand Multiforce Mower

As its name suggests it can perform multiple Lawn care jobs like plowing, power brooming, and bagging in addition to your conventional mowing.

Working at a fuel capacity of 10.5 gallons with a 26.5 hp Kohler Command EFI 747cc engine, it offers a transport and mowing speed of 10 mph. The blade is a thick heat-treated steel that has a cutting width of 52 inches.

It can cut grass varying height of 1.5 to 5 inches. It is designed in a way that you have better visibility around you and keep an eye out for obstacles or debris littered around. It has suspension stands that have a low center of gravity and this is what makes it easier to ride on slopes without worrying about falling over.

Carrying on a trailer made it easier with the foldable platform. The turbo force cutting deck is the stuff of dreams as it seamlessly chops through long and thick grasses. The blades are designed In a way to give your Lawn a flat crisp sharp cut without damaging the ground and roots.

John Deere 652E QuickTrak ™

Are you new to the mowing business? Planning on getting the job faster and more effectively? Then you could perhaps look at stand-on mowers by QuickTrak!

Firstly, it is a commercial-grade stand Lawn Mower. This doesn’t mean that it can’t be used for domestic purposes. But since these mowers are quite expensive it really doesn’t make sense to use them on smaller lands; their productivity is best garnered on large tracts, even slopes!

Talking about QuickTrak, this mower features 52 inches cutting blades with 7 Gauge, 0.179 inches steel for a fixed mower deck. This protects the mower as well as the rider from flying debris and other flying objects that could have otherwise hit them.

For comfortable rides to riding on the Standing platform, there are leaning panels and the operating and control systems are easy to reach for the rider. Even the hydrostatic transmission system for the mower’s movement is designed to be easily handled for effective movement and maneuverability.  Maintaining it is not that hard task and can be done without much hassle.

With an engine power of 22 hp, its fuel tank capacity is 5.6 US gallons with speeds ranging from 0 to 9.5 mph.

Scag Power Equipment V-RIDE II

Tired of those zero-turn mowers where it seems the entire day just passes with you climbing on and buckling in and vice versa? Well, then just switch to the much more effective and less time-consuming stand-on mowers like the V- RIDE II by Scag Power Equipment. 

Firstly, it is one of the most user-friendly mowers you’d find in the market. Its wonderfully comfortable standing platform for the rider with top-class suspension not only lets your legs relax but also allows easy access to the control deck. Traveling at a certain speed you see something on the ground you need to handpick and dispose of.

In the same breath, you can reduce the speed, pick up the annoying particle and get back up easily. The suspension platform is adjustable and can be moved forward or backward to maintain balance. It may also be broadened or narrowed depending upon the rider’s choice.

The dual hydro gear 12cc and the Parker wheel motors 14ci  can drive the mower up to 10 mph. It uses the well-known velocity plus blades that provide sharp, neat, even cuts that vary between 48 inches, 52 inches, and 61 inches. You can set the cutter height with the help of a spring-assisted lever.

You are open to choosing from powerful efficient engines like Kawasaki, Briggs Vanguard, etc with 40 Hp.

DeWalt X548 Mower

Talking about stand-on mowers, this is perhaps one of the mowers that have quite a lot of power. Operating with a 24 hp Kawasaki FPI engine makes it one of the latest in the market. In spite of the power though, the fuel capacity is 5 gallons and which may not be enough for all.

Why? Because on an average ground if you are mowing at an average speed you’d see using 1 gallon per hour. So technically 5 gallons could last you 5 to 5 ½ hours which if you are in commercial offices may not be enough to cover your work hours! What it misses out on fuel is made up by the design. 

The front tires are wonders that can easily be maneuvered. And the rear tires are quite beefy which not only contributes to the power of the machine but also to its durability as this would become significant while riding and mowing in the hilly slopes. All in all the control panel is user-friendly and you can engage and steer the mower just as you please.

Even the standing platform for the rider is made comfortable with a broad leaning surface that can be used by almost all regardless of height. This lets your feet relax and reduces physical strain instead of standing straight all day.

Ferris SRS™ Z3X Soft Ride Stand-On Mowers

SpecificationsFerris SRS™ Z3X Soft Ride Stand-On Mower
Warranty4 Years
Power Rating37 HP
Ground Speed12 MPH
Fuel Tank Capacity11 Gallons
Cutting Width72 Inches
Cutting Height1.75 - 5 Inches

As Ferris’s only stand-on mower series, you can imagine how much attention was poured into perfecting this line.

Here we’ll see if Ferris did manage to perfect them.

The Soft Ride Stand-on (SRS) Mowers assure your comfort at the same level as Ferris’ cut quality due to its signature suspension technology.

You can see this from SRS Z3X.

As one of the biggest and one of the best-standing mowers, the Z3X has a deck width of 61 inches, perfect for yards that measure up to five acres!

Alongside this significant width is a cutting height that you can adjust from 1.75 inches to 5 inches.

Speaking of adjustments, you can do the same on its speed control due to its ease of locking into whatever speed you choose without any tools whatsoever!

best stand on lawn mower

And whatever surface you’ll drive on, you can count on Z3X to maneuver you quickly due to its patent-pending pivoting front axle that goes along bumps or holes, no problem!

Despite this, however, you might find it difficult to access because of the bars getting in the way. You’ll need to maneuver your hand underneath to turn the ignition key or push buttons on the control panel, which is troublesome.

Going back to its features, the Z3X is powered by a twin-cylinder engine with hydrostatic transmission run by an impressive 37 horsepower.

Now, this twin-cylinder engine is not just any twin-cylinder engine out there: this is made by Vanguard Engines that has an oil guard system to maintain a 500-hour oil change between intervals.

This way, you don’t have to do maintenance right after mowing the first time!

Due to its size, the Z3X has a large fuel capacity that easily dwarfs the one from Snapper with its generous 11-gallon tank best for long rides.

 Well, you can only HOPE this doesn’t consume much gas because you won’t be able to eyeball it when the gas gauge is way deep inside the control panel.

Still, there’s a four-year limited warranty if you find any defects with it from the factory.

Husqvarna Commercial Stand-On Mower

SpecificationHusqvarna Commercial Stand-On Mower
Cutting Width48 & 56 Inches
Cutting Height1 Inches
Warranty5 Years
Power Rating24.5 HP
Fuel Tank Capacity7 Gallons
Ground Speed11 MPH

Already making a name for itself in the lawnmower market, Husqvarna joins in with its version of a commercial stand-on mower.

How can you say it’s commercial, though?

Well, right off the bat, it has a heavy-duty construction meant to withstand extended shifts on the turf, backed by a 2-by-2-inch, industrial-strength tubular steel frame to guarantee long-lasting use, professional or otherwise.

To be more productive in a short time, you can choose between 48 or 54 inches for the cutting width, which gives you two to three acres already!

The twin-cylinder engine for this runs on 24.5 horsepower to push you along in your mowing.

What’s more, you can customize the functionality of the mower!

To do this, flip up the platform where you’re supposed to stand so, other than being a standing mower, this can also work as a walk-behind!

However, that’s where the intuitive design ends.

There are levers for you to push and pull, as you can see from the side. That’s the standard design, right? 

Now, this would’ve worked well if these mentioned levers were not posted on ONE side only!

If that’s not enough, you have to double back on the line of grass you’ve cut because there’s bound to be spots missed by the blades, for some odd reason.

And another, much more pressing, issue is its components.

Husqvarna advertises its “fast access” to the engine, but how can you fix anything when its insides have no sense of personal space?

Do you want to change your oil? Well, all you have to do is bump against the neighboring parts to get to it!

It’s too compact inside that it won’t be surprising if you damaged it by accident.

Hopefully, the 5-year commercial warranty it comes with will help you choose this one.

Ferris SRS™ Z1 Soft Ride Stand-On Mowers

SpecificationsFerris SRS™ Z1 Soft Ride Stand-On Mowers
Warranty4 Years
Cutting Width36+ Inches
Cutting Height1.75-4.5 Inches
Power Rating19 HP
Ground Speed8 MPH
Fuel Tank Capacity6 Gallons

Another one is from Ferris SRS Series, but this is much smaller compared to the Z3X.

However, does its size makes it lesser than its bigger counterpart? Let’s find out!

As the smallest standing mower here, you can say it embodies being a “compact package” through and through.

Although, compared to Husqvarna, the Z1 compactness means smaller in size, not jammed together to force its fake image of “compact.”

Given its size, it can only cut up to a 36-inch width, just enough for over a half-acre, at max. The iCD Cutting System keeps the cut grass from clumping inside the deck, which Snapper didn’t get the memo of.

On the topic of cutting, you can adjust its height in quarter-inch increments from 1.75 to 4.5 inches.

A twin-cylinder engine with hydrostatic transmission makes its home inside the Z1 while a modest 19 horsepower keeps it going, alongside the 6-gallon fuel tank in its arsenal.

best stander mower

As you’ve noticed, the Z1 doesn’t differ much from the Z3X since this also sports the suspension platform system that comes with being part of the SRS Series and its limited four-year warranty.

Although minor, there are a couple more differences it possesses.

Such as the speed-controlling system. Instead of having four, you can only look at three positions.

Another difference is leaning more as an issue.

The belt tends to wear after hours of use, so you’ll have to set aside a replacement for it in case it snaps in the middle of mowing.

Stander B | Wright Commercial Stand-On Mowers

SpecificationsStander B | Wright Commercial Stand-On Mowers
Cutting Width48 Inches
Cutting Height2- 5 Inches
Warranty1 Year
Ground Speed7 MPH
Fuel Tank Capacity5 Gallons
Power Rating15 HP

To be basic while being productive is Wright’s objective for Stander B.

Designed with entry-level landscaping in mind, this gives you what you’ll expect from a standing mower and more.

Although a humble 15 horsepower runs it, you can’t tell it’s just that when it’s powering a twin-cylinder engine!

Despite its small power, it has a cutting width of 48 inches. That’s already one to two acres down and accounted for!

You can even adjust the height in quarter-inch increments (as usual), only it’s from 2 inches up to 5 inches.

A suspension platform will accommodate your weight, so it’s easy and comfortable for you to stand there while you mow.

Now that we’re talking about ease, you have easy access to the service points inside for maintenance and cleaning. The gas tank is also visible to the naked eye, so you’re aware of how much you have left without using a gas gauge!

But the cherry on top of all of this? It’s affordable.

That’s right. You can have this best stander mower for roughly the price of $7,000.

Compared to how Ferris Z1 still reached up to ten grand when it only has a cutting width of 36 inches, this Stander B makes for a substantial bargain!

The only downside to this is that its belt doesn’t last long, but you can easily replace that with another one.

If you have any serious issues, though, you have a one-year unlimited-hour commercial warranty, so you better take care of it!

Snapper SS200 Stand-On Mower

SpecificationsSnapper SS200 Stand-On Mower
Warranty3 Years
Power Rating28 HP
Fuel Tank Capacity8 Gallons
Ground Speed10 MPH
Cutting Width52 - 61 Inches
Cutting Height1.75 - 5 Inches

Don’t confuse its fire-engine-red paint job with the Ferris because this one has its differences!

Or, well, at least some of it.

The SS200 is at par with the Z3X regarding cutting width; the exact 61 inches dominate most of the standing mowers here.

But it doesn’t consume much power as the SS200’s runs on 28 horsepower while the Z3X has 31 horsepower pumping inside it.

Another similarity is it uses the same engine: the Vanguard Engines.

In line with this, the SS200 now has the same oil guard system that gives it 500 hours’ worth of intervals in-between oil changes.

Hydrostatic transmission cools everything down while an 8-gallon fuel tank supplies the fuel.

It even has the exact measurements in adjusting cutting height: quarter-inch increments from 1.75 up to 5 inches.

best commercial standing mower

Besides the cutting height, you can even adjust the suspension platform, which is new!

Other than imitating and flattering Z3X, the SS200 also does the same with Z1.

It has the same easy-locking 3-position speed control setting and the innovative iCD Cutting System.

The problem here is unique, however.

Despite its Cutting System, it’s not a good idea to mow the lawn after the rain when you’re using this because the grass builds up and clumps together inside the deck instead of being shot out.

So, you’ll have to pause from mowing to scoop them all out yourself before continuing, which is a waste of time.

Still, if that doesn’t bother you, a four-year limited warranty is in your arsenal when you find the SS200 with defects. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Stand-On Lawn Mower

Sweat It Out!

This goes first and foremost because it holds the highest importance before considering a stand-on residential mower:

How’s your health?

Or, more precisely, how are your joints?

It’s not that hard to figure out why you need to have your body in tip-top shape, especially when using a small stand-on mower.

Simply standing up might not sound to be too much work but, trust me, it will be much more challenging to keep that up if you have acres of land you need to tend to.

Admittedly, this gives you less of a workout than pushing a walk-behind mower. You have to be a masochist if you decide to use this on an acre of the yard!

But, compared to sitting in your seat for half an hour, a standing mower does sound better than the pins and needles you’re bound to get from a riding mower.

Fortunately for you, all of the stand-on here have a comfortable cushion you can lean on when you’re getting worn out.

What’s more, suspension platforms keep your feet excellent and elevated, so you don’t have to worry about any aching soles when you’re on a rough ride!

Smooth Sailing

It would be wise to know what kind of landscape your yard has.

Is it plain and flat? Is it uneven, with holes and dips? Does it have hills or slopes?

You’ll need to be aware of all of these for you to experience a sense of calm while mowing.

Now, if your yard falls under the “uneven” category, then you’re in luck!

Ferris designed Z3X to have pivoting front axles to move all four wheels with the ground’s unevenness instead of going AGAINST it.

Because of this, the mower won’t be jostled too much from the unstable environment and cause one of its components to break under stress and give you a smooth ride throughout.

Power Up!

The engine is the key to making your mower work.

And having the best as your engine ensures the comfort you’ve been looking for as you mow!

A twin-cylinder engine is a way to go, as having dual cylinders in your engine can distribute the power throughout its components evenly.

Helping this power distribution along is the hydrostatic transmission, which has the task to cool down the inner working to prevent it from overheating.

Luckily, all of the stand-on mowers in this selection have these two features working together, so take your pick and enjoy the ride!

Final Words

Sometimes, or maybe even a lot of times, it’s hard to find any energy to finish a task, especially with everything happening now in 2022.

However, using good stand-on mowers with the best features can probably help make it easier for yourself.

A simple walk-behind mower won’t do if you have a big yard. 

And using a riding mower might cause you to get all antsy while having pins and needles all over your legs for sitting too long; the same goes for the zero-turn mowers.

A stand-on mower is a terrific balance between keeping yourself on your toes (wink, wink) as it can quickly move across obstacles and all.

In this case, it makes for a swell investment, don’t you think?

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