When to Replace Your Lawn Mower Blade? Find Out Here

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Who doesn’t like well-manicured grass in their backyard? A sleek lawn is every home owner’s dream, but there is a lot that goes behind maintaining that greenery on your property.

And while there are plenty of things that can be done to maintain your lawn, you can’t deny the importance of a sturdy lawn mower for the prim growth of your grass.

But, if you think that your work ends with just selecting the right lawn-mower, you are mistaken.

Timely replacement of your mower blades is essential for a healthy-looking lawn.

But when should you replace the lawn mower’s blades? Let’s find out.

When to Replace Lawn Mower Blades

There is no right or wrong answer to when you should replace lawn mower blade.

It largely depends on how often you use them or whether they have been damaged in the process of using.

Also, many owners choose to instead sharpen the blades as a more DIY and economical choice.

Still, if your mower’s edges have been sharpened too many times, it is recommended you eventually replace them to prevent any damage to your mower.

Usually, people also replace their mower blades when they are worn, dented, or damaged, especially when they have hit some hard object like wood or rocks, etc.

Below are some of the significant telltale signs to check for when you need to replace your lawn mower’s blades:

When to replace lawn mower blade

Unevenly Cut Grass

One of the notable signs of worn-out blades is how your grass looks after trimming or cutting.

 After you mow your lawn, you can check whether each blade of grass looks freshly cut.

If you observe that the grass looks rather unkempt or torn, then it may be time to either sharpen or, even better, replace the blades.

If you decide to ignore the ragged blades, it might affect the overall symmetry and allure of your grass.

Before this happens, replace your mower’s blades to maintain the overall lushness of your lawn.

Inconsistent Grass Length

In the case of worn-out blades, the first thing you’ll notice after mowing is that your lawn looks a little dull even after fresh trimming.

You might even notice irregular patches in certain areas of your lawn or realize that you need a lot more effort or even several tries to cut the grass right.

And even after cutting, the length of the grass could be uneven, thus making your lawn look unkempt or untidy.

If this happens, then it’s a sign that your lawn mower’s blades need immediate sharpening or replacing.

However, if you have sharpened your blade already too many times before, it is better you replace them.

Condition of your Mower’s Blades

This is the most significant indication of whether your mower blades need replacing.

Inspect the blade regularly, and you should be able to tell the difference between a merely flat blade and a damaged one.

If you notice sizable dents or chips in the blade or notice that the thickness of the blade is wading off, it is time for you to replace them.

Also, if the blade of your lawn-mower is worn off too far, then it is recommended that you remove the old blade and replace them rather than sharpen them.

Maintaining a proper balance between replacement and sharpening of the blades is vital in order to protect them from getting damaged in the long run.

How often should I replace lawn mower blades

How Often Should You Replace Your Mower Blades?

Although there is no thumb rule for when you should replace your lawn mower’s blades, it is usually recommended that you change them at least once a year, especially before mowing season.

It also largely depends on how often you use the lawn-mower; if you trim very often, you might also have to replace it twice a year.

That being said, if you need a more precise answer, check out the product manual of your mower, and you’ll know if and when the blades need replacement.

However, the best way to know is to regularly inspect your mower’s blades and the grass itself, and you will be able to determine whether your blades need sharpening or replacement.

Final Words

In a nutshell, the overall condition of your blade and the shape of your freshly mowed lawn will very much indicate whether your blades need replacing or not.

Even though sharpening the blades occasionally sounds like a good alternative; eventually, you need to replace them to avoid permanent damage to your lawn-mower.

In the end, the goal is to ensure that your lawn looks lush and green, and a dependable lawn-mower will definitely get you there, provided that you take good care of the machine and timely replace their blades.

Good Luck!

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