How to Safely Remove Blade from Lawn Mower: Step by Step

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Ahhh! Another good time to start the day is by cleaning the yard with your favorite lawn mower!

But there’s one thing we need to address: your lawn mower blade that needs maintenance!

Lawn mower blades execute perfect sharp cuts to make the yard look cleaner and more beautiful, but sometimes, they need proper care, too.

If needed, you must replace your old blade with a new one to make your mower function more efficiently. But how can you remove the mower blade if you don’t how to do it?

This article will help you figure out how to remove the blade from the mower to help you get more efficient and healthy grass cuts!

Ready yet? Let’s go!

How to Remove Blade from Lawn Mower

Removing the blade from the lawn mower is not tricky as to how you think it is. You only need some confidence and self-trust before you can do it, or you will think it risky to do the exploit.

Ensure your mower is clean 

You do not need to clean under the mower, but ensure the mower is clean enough for you to manipulate while removing the blade.

Ensure that no part of the mower feels slimy or slippery because once the mower slips, you need to face considerable damage, and it would be another price to pay!

Wear your gloves

Before touching the unclean mower parts, ensure that your hands are protected because you will also encounter sharp objects while removing the mower blade.

remove mower blades

Transfer out the mower fuel

You need to transfer out the lawn mower oil because it may unexpectedly spill while removing your mower blade.

Make sure to put it in a fuel container to ensure its quality and ensure that you will transfer out all mower gas to avoid spillage while being tilted.

Tilt the mower

Before you tilt the mower instantly, you need to place a block where the handle can rest once you turn the device.

Let the mower lay sidewards with the handle laying on a block for elevation because if there is no elevation, the mower may accidentally fall. You do not want to experience that horrible thing.

But if block is not available, ensure the mower is not on a table, and you will protect it from tilting too much.

Disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug

If you forget to disconnect the spark plug wire, you are at a very high risk of getting injured or might experience the jump spark.

This step is an essential safety precaution before removing the mower blade, and make sure to put away the spark plug wire from the spark plug to avoid any flash from occurring.

If the mower is battery-powered, disconnect the battery

It is necessary to disconnect any possible electricity-producing parts in the lawn mower to keep away any potential problems.

Loosen the bolt in the middle of the blade

Once you get your mower tilted, you can see the bolt in the middle of the blade, and you must loosen it with a socket wrench.

Turn it to the left if the bolt is standard and if it is reverse-threaded, turn it to the other side. Careful not to accidentally detach the wrench from the bolt as you can injure your wrist.

Remove the blade! 

Once you get the bolt loosened, the blade will just start to come off once the bolt falls off. You can now access the mower blade and remove it safely.

Replace with a new one 

Put on the new mower blade for a fresher and cleaner grass cut!

Put back the bolt

Once you have attached your new mower blade, hold the blade for a while before putting the bolt to avoid accidental fall while tightening.

Ensure the bolt is tight and secured because that is what has the mower blade to keep the grass cuts neat.

Restore lawn mower settings

Now that you have removed and replaced your mower blade, you can now put it back in its default setting by reconnecting the spark plug or putting back the batteries.

Restore the fuel as well and enjoy your mowing venture!

remove blade from lawn mower

Final Words

If you genuinely love gardening, you probably love to keep your yard beautiful and neat.

Mowing the yard will be the best way to preserve the grass’ health, and it can also help relieve your stress once you see your lawn looking like new ones all over again.

Mowing must be effective, and to remove the blade from the lawn mower will be one of the contributing factors to keeping your mood pleasant at all times.

Gardening services are not always available, so it is always better that you know how to remove the blade to save you time for future purposes, too!

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