Best Lawn Mowers Under $200 That Are Good & Reliable

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If you have a budget of $200, good news for you.

There are many really good lawn mowers that come in your price range.

Let’s take a look at some good lawn mowers in different categories that are under $200.

best reel mower

American company 14″ mower

best 3-in-1 (mower + trimmer + edger)

BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 mower

best corded mower

greenworks 20” corded mower

best cordless mower

Sun Joe 14” cordless mower

Best Lawn Mowers You Can Buy Under $200

American Lawn Mower Company

Presenting to you one of the most convenient land moves out there: the reel mower offered by the American Lawn Mower Company.

This mower is known and hailed for its friendship with the environment and its contributions too. Being a reel mower, it does not operate on electricity or fuel, rather it works with manual push.

It comes with primarily two wheels and multiple sharp blades of different shapes arranged in a cylinder that rotates as you push the Mower forwards.

The blades are pretty sharp and remain like that for several years. Thus it gives scissor cuts that keep your Lawn tidy and prod it to heal better!

Grasses of up to 4 inches can be cut cleanly. It has blades 14 inches wide and an adjustable blade height of 0.5 to 1.75 inches. The curves in your Lawn or the during turns can be easily maneuvered with 8.5 inches polymer wheel.

BLACK+ DECKER Electric Lawn Mower

A little advanced mower, especially for those who’d not only like a clean lawn in general, but would prefer a lawn amazingly tended as well.

What do I mean by this?

By this, I refer to those scenic lawns seen enclosed in the white picket fences that have just the right amount of grass with edges of the fields looking natural and something out of the picture. 

These pictures can be made live with the black+ decker electric lawn mower. Working without any gas or fuel, or worrying about going out of battery, this piece of magnanimous convenience operates on electricity. You just plug it in and lug it around your Lawn.

It has a 12-inch cutting width with a 1.6-inch cutting height. It is one of the perfect choices if you have a small lawn and planning to make it prettier.

The mower contributes to the prettier factor with its convertible in the edger and trimmer department.

GreenWorks Electric Lawn Mower

Okay, so this is a favorite of my Dad’s. He says this particular mower allows him to “walk and work his lazy old bones”. His words, not mine.

A bit different from conventional lawnmowers, I personally think that it has one of the classiest looks. And the best part is it is not mowed but mulched at the same time.

All you need to do is switch it on and start pushing and mowing and at full battery power it runtime without any hoax if fade-out power is at 35 mins maximum. 

It operates on a 24V Lithium-ion battery that is known to provide 20% more power. Although the runtime may vary a little bit than the mentioned 35mins depending on the type your lawn you have.

So if you have longer grasses and a bit of rough surface, the battery may run out sooner and thus you should be aware of the time spent while using this!

I may not be that excited about the battery life, but the other features like the 13 inches deck that contributes to ease of maneuverability are an undeniable attraction.

It is quite low on the noise scale without gas or fuel, it is a machine without emissions and has a flat 13-inch cutting deck that can be used on ¼ acres of land.

American Lawn Mower Company (Electric)

A mowing machine that also mulches, does disturb the environment with its annoying whirring and disgusting emissions.

Yes, the American Lawn Mower Company brings to you the electric lawn mower that serves the purpose. Being electrically operated, it is limited to a smaller slice of land yet its usefulness are quite in number.

It has a 14-inch cutting width which compared to many mowers is pretty wide and thus may help you finish the mow in lesser duration. Because of its 2-in-1 property, it takes care of the otherwise rigorous process of mulching as well.

Additionally, you also have the rear discharge system and a 16-gal grass bag with an indicator for appropriate disposal.

Not too much not too less, with this brilliant functionality machine, you can complete two jobs at once, as well as add on to your walking sessions because of its push mechanism.

It comes with adjustable handles and heights so that it may be used by almost all your family members. It works on an 11Amph motor that in and of itself is a force to be reckoned with!

Scott’s Push Reel Mower

Remember that mowing the lawn is not only about getting rid of that tall grass so that you can get a clear path to the front gate.

No, it is also about adding character to your house with a neat green pasture free of harmful bugs that breed in weeds and the wild! Frankly, for this tiny demand, you don’t require something mighty and branded.

At a lot less price you could opt for something like Scott’s Outdoor Lawn Mower. Simple to look at with a T-shaped system, it manages to mow grass at a length of up to 3 inches. Though beyond that the mowing may take up more time and one round may not be enough.

So my suggestion is to start mowing your lawns before the grass grows longer. This push mower with a cutting width of 14 inches has a system of 5 blades rotating to chop off the excess grass heads.

You are also allowed to adjust the cutting height between 1 inch and 1.75 inches giving you the option to miss out on your normal mowing days!

Also, another thing about this is that since it is a reel mower so it doesn’t really brutally handicaps your green friends.

Rather, they just give a little trim to the edges to keep them just under control, but healthy. And it is also said that grass chopped at ⅓ from the tip encourages deeper roots.

So if you are planning on some edge gardening, the deep-seated grass-roots are going to help keep the soil in place!

Sun Joe MJ401C Lawn Mower

Tired of the tugging Cords? Are the emissions of the grass-cutting sessions bothering you too much?

The solution to both your problems is a cordless and gasless lawn mower or in other words the battery power lawn mower by Sun Joe. With this, you don’t have to worry about accidentally cutting off the plug or destroying your home environment!

With a cutting width of 14 inches blade, all you need to do for its operators is switch it on and push it on your Lawn.

The blades are impeccable as they provide sharp and precise cuts making the field look Kempt and well-groomed. It comes with a rear grass collector bag that has the capacity to hold around 40 l of grass and thus offers a great disposal option!

The mowing can be done by anyone as there are 3 position height adjustments for the mower.  This is not only a convenience for the mower but even if the grass needs to be cut at a certain height the height adjustment can be used for the advantages.

The battery life of the mower at full effectiveness is around 25 minutes and after that, it may start glitching.

BLACK+ DECKER Electric Lawn Mower (MM2000)

This is another one of those classic-looking lawnmowers that operate on electricity and is connected through the cord. Though not strictly below 200$, still it is one of the best lawnmowers that can be used for umpteen amounts of time without any interruption. 

It is one of the best options for bigger jobs because of the 13 Amps power that can easily cut through long and thick growth!

It is really one of the biggest cutters in the sense that it has 7 settings of height adjustments and cutting heights of 1-½ inches and 4 inches. So the number of options given by this particular piece of gem makes it a giant in the market for lawnmowers. Its uniqueness lies in its 3-in-1 property.

It can not only mow but mulches, and bags (13 gal fabric grass bag), and discharges grass from the sides too.

The fabric in the bag makes a good indicator of the bag’s limit capacity. Such versatility makes it one of the best choices for lawn mowing and other grooming of the greenery in your front yard.

BLACK+DECKER BEMW472BH 10 Amp 15″ Electric Mower

This BLACK+DECKER corded electric lawn mower is designed for reliable and convenient home yard maintenance.

This 10 Amp electric lawn mower gives you the power of a corded mower with the performance of a gas engine for less than $200.

The adjustable cutting height allows you to set the pace at one of six different settings enabling you to cut through any grass ranging from 1 inch to 3 inches with ease.

It features an enhanced clipping collection winged blade which allows for 30% fewer clippings and better clipping collection to reduce the time spent emptying the bagging area so that you can get more done.

This lawnmower has an innovative Comfort Grip handlebar design that reduces friction and enhances maneuverability. This design makes it easier for you to have a precise cut by giving you better control due to its bike-like comfort handles.

It is lightweight, having a 15-inch blade and weighing only 7 pounds, making it easy enough for anyone to operate. It also has a compact design, making this mower ideal for small yards, patios, and decks.

However, others have several complaints about the collection bag. Since it is small, the bag fills up quickly. They also said the bag tends to come off while mowing, making the dirt and grass blow everywhere.

PowerSmart Gas-Powered Lawn Mower

Not only is the PowerSmart Lawn Mower an efficient and great way to trim your yard, but it also saves you money since it costs less than $200.

This mower runs an economical 21 inches per second, which means fewer passes are required to get the job done.

It has a gas engine that provides superior performance with reliable starting power. The potent 4-stroke cylinder gas OHV 170CC engine handles hills, obstacles, and tough grass with ease enabling you to cut even the tallest and toughest grass in your lawn.

Furthermore, the Forced air-cooling system ensures continuous and consistent engine power, reducing the risk of overheating during an extended time of heavy-duty mowing.

This gas lawn mower has a 21-inch steel mowing deck suitable for medium to large lawn sizes. It creates a large cutting area so you can mow your lawn more quicker with fewer passes.

It features a 2-in-1 side discharge and mulching capability, which allows you to spread grass clippings to the side or cut them finely before they break down and return nutrients to your lawn.

Additionally, this lawnmower has a five-position height adjustment to meet your lawn’s needs and can be adjusted between 1.18 and 3.0 inches.

The PowerSmart Lawn Mower has a fuel tank capacity of 0.4 Gallons with 16.9 fl. oz oil capacity weighing 56lb.

However, some pointed out that the 8-inch rear wheels made of plastic are not very durable and can get challenging to maneuver.

Greenworks 16″ Corded Mower

If you’re looking for a mower that will help you conserve money and energy and keep your yard looking great, then this Greenworks Corded Mower is for you.

Powered by a 10 Amp electric motor, this electric lawn mower delivers enough power to cut through tough grass and allows you to get the job done quicker and more efficiently, all in under $200.

The durable 16-Inch rear steel blade cutting deck spins effortlessly to give you a smooth finish every time. This is an excellent choice if you maintain a small to medium-sized lawn.

Its 2-in-1 feature provides mulching and rear discharge capabilities which allow you to easily convert from mulching to rear bagging, depending on your needs. This offers dual functions that serve to increase convenience, functionality, and efficiency of operation while mowing.

This lawnmower features an easy 5-position height adjustment with a cutting height range from 5/8 inch to 2-5/8 inches for the perfect cut on all types of grass.

It also comes with a 7-inch rear wheel and 6-inch front wheels for easy maneuverability in rough terrain and around small landscaping areas and obstacles like fences, rocks, curbs, and flower beds.

Even so, although the assembly process of the Greenworks Corded Mower is relatively straightforward, some mentioned that some parts are quite flimsy and not very durable.

Tips for Buying an Affordable Lawn Mower

buying a cheap lawn mower

Consider Your Lawn Size

When looking for a cheap lawn mower, the most significant factor to consider is your lawn size.

For the most part, people don’t want to spend money on a mower too big for their needs.

Obviously, you will save more if you maintain a smaller lawn, so choosing a small lawnmower is both cheap and practical.

On the other hand, if you have a more extensive lawn, buying a small lawnmower to save bucks can be more costly than you think. Regardless of how it is powered, Lawnmowers require either battery charging and replacement or gas and oil refills for maintenance.

This will accumulate cost over time depending on how frequently you have to replace or change. If you use a small lawnmower for a large lawn, it will also exhaust more power, thus forcing you to pay more for maintenance.

Hence, a larger lawn mower is a better choice to save money in the long run. Although you will spend more upfront, a large lawnmower enables you to go over your yard in fewer passes, thus cutting back your use of power or gas and saving you money over time.

Power Source

best lawn mowers under $200

Be aware of the power source for your lawnmower. Lawnmowers can be powered using batteries, motors, or gasoline. Your selected power source has its pros and cons depending on the needs of your lawn. That’s why it is essential to consider this to save money.

If you have a small lawn but require a lot of power due to thick and tall grass, you may be better off with an electric mower; they are lightweight and can easily be moved from one location to another without pausing any work.

If you have a large lawn and require a smaller power source, then a gas-powered mower makes sense; they run at higher speeds and are easier to tow than some electric models.

Durability and Warranty

Before buying a cheap lawn mower, make sure it will last a long time and handle all the hard work.

Quality and durability come at a price, but with the sheer amount of products available in the market, you can find a quality deal on something that will last you for years to come in less than $200.

Look for a model that features durable internals and a reliable engine. Although some affordable lawnmowers are usually made of plastic on the exterior, you should not avoid them just yet. Examine the interior and the engine first, and you might be pleased with the quality despite the plastic exterior.

Another thing to do is to check for the manufacturer’s warranty, customer reviews online, and replacement policies.

Make sure to take the time to read warranty and replacement policies before buying so that you know if the manufacturer will cover the expense if something goes wrong to avoid wasting money on defective products.

Final Words

Buying the best lawn mower under a $200 budget could be challenging—but it is never impossible.

Before you buy the cheapest lawnmower on the market, there are a few things you need to know, and we have talked about them above.

By following these tips, you can find some incredible deals with an acceptable price range for your budget and a good quality lawn mower for your needs.

If you are still undecided about which lawnmower you should get this 2022 that is both cheap and efficient, check out the products listed above.

They are some of the best deals that we have found under $200.

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