My Lawn Mower Starts Then Dies

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Oh, it’s time to clean up the yard again!

There’s nothing more relieving than cutting the grass in your yard while smelling the fresh scent of lawn, but what if your lawn mower suddenly stopped in the middle of your fun cleaning?

Probably, it will make you feel annoyed once it happens, but you will be worried about the sudden drop of your mower!

It’s a pressing problem, especially when you do not have a serviceman nearby, so let me help you with some simple troubleshooting tips to help you get by.

In this article, you will learn common reasons why your mower suddenly dies, which may help you fix your problem immediately!

Why does my lawn mower only run for a few seconds then dies?

Why Does My Mower Start and Won’t Stay Running?

If your lawn mower starts, then it won’t stay running, it probably has functionality issues that you need to work on that are just easy to fix even when you are not a serviceman. There are common reasons why your lawn mower starts then dies, and let’s learn more about them.

Old Gasoline

You know that your mower cannot run without gasoline, but that does not mean you can just leave it behind with the old gasoline to keep it running. 

Gasoline quality still matters in lawnmowers even after its exhausting shift in the yard. You cannot just leave it abandoned in your garage, or else the damage will worsen!

Faulty Spark Plugs

Spark plugs can also be the reason why your lawn mower shuts off after starting, so you need to check out whether it functions well or badly. 

A spark plug is a necessary part of your lawn mower’s ignition scheme. If you remove its plug from the lawnmower and attach it to the inlet, you must see a tiny spark once the spark plug is appended again. But if no flash appears, you need to replace it immediately.

A bad spark plug can compromise your engine’s efficiency, making it stop working after a while. You can also put your engine in trouble if the spark plugs are not taken care of. A worn-out spark plug can produce insufficient sparks, making your engine start and die immediately even before using it outdoors. Make sure to replace the Spark plugs to enjoy your lawn care session.

how to fix a lawn mower that won't stay running?

Dirty Carburetor

Your carburetor mixes your engine’s air and fuel for internal combustion with the right proportion, and once it mixes up and starts on the wrong measure, your lawnmower can be at its worst state.

Sometimes, contaminated or dirty fuel can get inside, making the carburetor become clogged and won’t burn properly. This scenario won’t supply a proper gas flow in the mower, and your engine may react badly on the carburetor.

Excessive Oil

If you put too much oil in the mower where it overpowers the suggested oil level, it will be an instant headache before you can clean your lawn.

Overfilling the oil reservoir will not be effective in doing the job efficiently for you. You should avoid thinking that overfilled oil reservoirs will be okay so long as the fuel will burn accordingly. If you want to save your mower, then stop this habit now!

How to Fix My Lawn Mower

So long as your lawn mower’s issues are just manageable and easy to configure, you can fix your own device by following these simple tips.

  1. Ensure to check all parts of your mower before and after use in the yard. This advice might be a general tip, but most people forget to check out their devices every time. Check out if there are stacked pebbles, broken wires, or excessive dents because these factors may also contribute to your mower suddenly dying in the middle of usage.
  1. Do not let old oil stay in the reservoir because even when your mower burns while being used, old oil can still compromise the mower’s ability to contribute to efficiency during the work. You can drain the oil to keep it away from damaging your device by using either a siphon or by tipping your mower by draining it through the hole.
  1. Your carburetor must be maintained and keep it away from having dirt. The dirt can instantly damage your carburetor, and the air and fuel mixture can be at their worst state, making your mower die quickly.

Final Words

Lawn mowers are extremely helpful in grooming the grass in our yard, but if it suddenly disrupts during its shift, you need to pay attention to it and figure out how it happened.

If you find your mower still suddenly stopping after it starts despite the configuration you performed, it is best to call a professional to do the job for you. Calling a professional will be the best option to help you make the job easier, so don’t just sit there and wait for your mower to come back to its normal state.

Hopefully, this article helped you with your lawn issues. Happy mowing!

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