Kawasaki FR vs. Kohler 7000: A Detailed Comparison

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Any talk about anything related to automobiles, and you’ll have Kawasaki and Kohler be mentioned.

Since both of those brands already have a fair share of history behind them, you can’t exactly blame anyone for name-dropping those two.

Although, right now, you won’t be learning about cars or whatever vehicle you’d boast to anyone that wants to listen.

No, you’ll be learning more about the brain inside those vehicles and be able to identify what makes them so different from one another and what makes them somewhat hold a resemblance.

Comparison of Kawasaki FR vs Kohler 7000

Ride Around the Garden

Both of these engine series are best made for riding mowers or lawn tractors that you use to tend to your yard.

As they’re focused on the gardening category, then you bet they pay great attention to detail in having them mow a clean cut around your flowerbeds while maintaining smooth power output.

Kawasaki FR and Kohler 7000

Power Up!

Speaking of power, both the Kawasaki FR Series and the Kohler 7000 Series are run by V-twin cylinder engines to handle and distribute more energy throughout the mower parts.

And the horsepower they both hold is no joke as Kawasaki can go back as small as 15 up to 26 horsepower!

This way, it allows you a more comprehensive range of choices from the cheaper option without the quality is just as cheap.

On the other hand, Kohler already starts at 20 horsepower and ends at 26, just like the Kawasaki.

Perks of Pressure

Quick question: Are you the kind of person that tends to neglect to do maintenance on your tech? Maybe it’s due to a busy schedule, or you simply forget all about it once you’re done mowing.

A usual, human mistake like that doesn’t need you to worry too much, mainly when both of these series feature a pressurized lubrication system!

This system will extend your engine life even further as it keeps the crucial parts well-lubricated.

Of course, that doesn’t mean doing maintenance is out of the equation once and for all!

While the lubrication system takes care of your engine, you should do your part in checking it once and a while since the lubrication might need changing after many hours of use.

Once you finish doing that, your engine will be good to go once more.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that Kohler gives you the option to upgrade the oil and fuel filters since doing so can double the protection the engine already has from dirt.

Clear Out the Air

On the topic of filters, both Kawasaki FR and Kohler 7000 have features that filter out air as you mow. 

We wouldn’t want cut grass or mulch circulated throughout the engine, right?

However, compared to Kawasaki’s single-stage air filter, Kohler once again offers you options available to change your air filter due to how the regular Kohler air filter requires you to clean it out.

The options mentioned above are the HD air filter and the PRO air filter.

From what you can expect from something called “high definition,” the HD air filter is double the size of a regular one to keep more debris out.

On the other hand, the PRO air filter reaches the caliber that can handle commercial-grade filtration AND be able to prolong the intervals between each maintenance session.

Start Your Engines!

At least once in your life, you probably experienced that brief second of panic when your vehicle lurches forward all of a sudden once you start it, right?

Nowadays, different riding mower brands are starting to implement the auto-choke feature to rein it in.

As for these engines, though, you’ll see that Kohler has the upper hand between the two.

One of Kohler’s technologies is its trademark Smart-Choke.

You can rely on this feature to start properly, whether in blistering hot temperatures or even below freezing!

That doesn’t mean Kawasaki is out for the count, though.

With its high-energy spark ignition, the FR Series would work well in the cold, but not in the heat for fear of overheating on top of the amount of energy you’ll need to start it up.

kohler 7000 series vs kawasaki fr

They Got Your Back!

Both Kawasaki and Kohler have warranties that can last for three years, BUT they have explicit limitations!

Bottom-line is they only cover defects from the factory.

Any damage caused by accidents, ill repairs, incorrect replacements, and apparent neglect of the manufacturer’s instructions will not allow you any amount of help from the warranties. 

All the more reason to have special care in maintaining them!

Final Words

Kawasaki FR and Kohler 7000 both hold high value in their customers, as you can see from the features in their engines.

Of course, that doesn’t keep them from having their downsides, but the perks you can get from them are worthwhile.

In the end, it all depends on preferences.

As you’ve taken in this review, you’ll notice that there are a few outside means for you to consider before choosing one of them, such as what kind of work you’ll be putting it through or the type of climate you have from your place.

Because of these aspects, there’s no better series between Kawasaki and Kohler.

All that matters is how either of them will help you from tending to your garden.

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