How to Clean an Electric Lawn Mower

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It’s a hot, sunny day, and you need to mow the lawn to make your house look presentable because you’ve invited many guests to a party. You’re already frustrated with working in the heat, and now your Lawn Mower isn’t operating properly.

Don’t throw your machine away furiously, it might be a little issue of the machine not being properly cleaned up or lubricated.

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with some easy ways to clean your electric lawnmower.

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Cleaning lawn mower

How to Clean an Electric Lawn Mower?

Follow these steps for proper maintenance and cleanliness of your Lawn Mower:

1. First of all, remove the undercarriage and clean it. The undercarriage is the casing that houses the blade. As it will be smudged in grass clippings, it is necessary to clean it. This is something you should perform multiple times throughout the season to avoid unwanted trouble caused by the malfunctioning of the case.

So routinely check it and scrape off the dried cuttings using a plastic hairbrush. Avoid using a hose or a pressure washer to clean an electric mower. Corrosion might occur if water gets inside the motors. 

2. Lubricate the wheels using a lubricant. Although most wheels are made of plastic, the axle and bracket inside the wheel are composed of metal. You don’t have to go crazy; just modest spraying on each of the four wheels would suffice.

3. Double-check all bolts and fasteners. Grass cutting generates a great deal of vibration. Screws, fasteners, and bolts can come free as a result of these vibrations. Tighten everything using the required tool.

4. The blade should be sharpened. You’ll have to take the blades off the mowers. The best edge comes from a bench grinder, but there is also a dedicated hand tool for sharpening lawn mower blades. 

Apply a thin coat of lubrication to the blade after it has been sharpened to prevent rust. Replace the blade on the mower, and you’ll be ready to cut grass in the spring.

5. The battery compartments, vents, and motors should all be blown out. Blow out any dust or dirt from all the crevices with a blower or an air compressor. 

Grass-cutting clippings can get into tiny spaces, therefore clearing them out is a good idea if at all possible.

Once you are done mowing your lawn using your electric lawn mower, you can hose it down, but there are a few guidelines to follow. 

Always remember to disconnect the mower from the power source and never throw water on the engine. 

It’s not recommended to use a pressure washer to clean your lawn mower, because it is too powerful and it might damage your mower.

Cleaning your lawnmower deck with brushes and soapy water will allow you to have greater control over where the water goes. 

Keep water away from the electrics since water and electricity don’t mix, and getting water on the electronic parts can cause your mower to break down.

cleaning lawn mower at home

Periodical maintenance of the Lawn Mower needs to be followed as they tend to get more repairs if not maintained properly. So add this part to your schedule.

How to Clean the Bottom of an Electric Lawn Mower?

Put the lawnmower on a sheet and turn it to the side. Begin the process by using a wire brush to scrape the bottom of the mower to remove any dried grass or debris. 

Grass build-up on the blade of your lawnmower can prevent it from cutting the grass cleanly. Spray the underside of the mower deck with sprinklers to clear any material that has accumulated.

Don’t forget to clean the carburetor of the Lawn mower as it plays a key role in the efficiency of the Lawn Mower.

Why Does Sometimes a Lawn Mower Keep Cutting Off?

The mower’s motor is the heart of the machine, and it’s liable for rotating the blades. Electric lawnmowers may stop working for one of two reasons:

  • A malfunctioning power switch or a snag in the cord.
  • The thermal cut-off can be tripped by an overheating motor.

If you’ve examined and double-checked all of the cords and connections, then the motor is most likely the culprit, especially if the mower stops working after a while.

How to Fix Black Smoke Coming Out of Lawn Mower?

The good thing is that eliminating black smoke is as simple as cleaning your air filter. Simply take the filter out and wash it with water and soap.

If you’ve had the air filter for a while, you might as well change it. If the black smoke from your Lawn Mower persists, you may need to modify the carburetor for more diluted fuel blends.


Now your Lawn Mower is all set for the action. After cleaning and performing maintenance steps properly, the efficiency of the machine will improve a lot.

Try to clean your mower after every use for easy cutting.

Maintenance of your mower is not limited to the machine’s efficiency, but it also helps protect the environment from pollution done by the black smoke from the mower.

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